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    In my own little world....
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    I love to draw(mostly anime), read, go online, watch tv,... I love anime!!!!
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    lets see... Inuyasha(mostly), Full Metal Alchimest, D N Angel, Juvinial Orion, Wolf's Rain, Tsubasa
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    Well... if favorite type of book counts, I'd say horror, mystery, fantacy, or romance
  1. You are SASUKE! Stylish. Skillful. Sexy. You've never had trouble getting people to notice you even if sometimes you wish they wouldn't. At least you can always feel happy knowing you excel at whatever you try. Now if you could only kill that brother of yours... Well Sasuke is my favorite character, but I'm nothing like him. That's kinda wierd. And funny. I'm not sexy. Sasuke's sexy!!
  2. oh my. lol. these are helareous. I looked at a married mom because I like choclate. lol so funny.
  3. we got some wild amaginations here. lol
  4. Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Miroku, Koga, Kiba, Tsume, Kename, Ed Elric, Dark, Krad,..... much more...
  5. I like both!! There both very hot. I guess it runs in the family. lol
  6. Out of the Inuyasha members, who would you most like to ask you out if they were a real person? If you are a girl... A.) Inuyasha B.) Sesshomaru C.) Miroku D.) Koga If you are a boy... A.) Kagome B.) Kikyo C.) Songo D.) Ren Me personally, I could be happy with all Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Miroku, or Koga because I think all of them are pritty hot!
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