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    nice wierd and an animefreak
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    wouldnt you like to know
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    going online sleeping playing games and haning with firends
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    being me
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    inuyasha and samauricamploo
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    zelda and fable
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    sparrow hawk red
  1. sooo who is his mom i dont know
  2. naraku

    very new person :D

    i could help a little bit but u dont know who this is but ull find out and im still new i have benn on in forever
  3. naraku

    who do you hate?

    i dont know how u guys can heat anyone holy monkey fo jeasis son fo a ...
  4. naraku

    Favorite character.

    naraku da bomb kinding but he is the coolist
  5. naraku

    Make a character

    my person would be like naraku but with a sword:sword: a bid sword
  6. naraku

    Favorite character.

    who here thinks naraku is cool:D
  7. has any one seen outlaw star on toonami:D
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