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  1. Sledgstone

    Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Remastered

    I loved this game when I was a kid. 😁
  2. I've been sick as hell for the last 5 days now. Damn sinus infection has wrecked me. At least I got some time in on God of War. Damn that game is amazing.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Maybe being away from all those sick coughing people at your old office has made your immune system weak? XD j/k j/k. Everyone is so sick around here. Now that I've returned to a management type roll I'm back to telling people they aren't coming in with the sickness or sending them home. It's always baffled me how someone can't come in because they have a headache, but they say they can't afford to miss any work when they got full blown H1N1 wtf. -_-;

  3. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    For Honor will be free in February!
  4. Sledgstone

    Gamestop's eventual demise.

    The last time I bought anything at a gamestop was during a black friday sale a couple months ago. I bought a pair of artic headphones for 50% off. Other than that I haven't actively bought games from them in years.
  5. Sledgstone

    The Jimquisition

    Kingdom Hearts' plot is gibberish.
  6. Looks like my weekend will be nothing but shoveling. -_-; 10-20 inches minimum Saturday night through Sunday. With a high of 12 degrees.. but the worst part is we're supposed to have high winds. fml.. that will make it have a windchill temp in the negatives all day and drifting snow banks of 1-2 feet everywhere. -_-; 

    1. DeathscytheX


      Your luck with free time is the absolute worst ever. I've never seen anything like it. XD

  7. Sledgstone

    Destiny 2

    I remember Destiny was supposed to be this huge plot driven game that expanded into the universe but instead became a game focused on grinding gear and raids and never leaving the solar system. Meh. People can blame activision all they want for how Destiny turned out, but in the end its still a stain on Bungie's reputation. I'd like to see Destiny get completely rebooted with a focus on a single player campaign.
  8. Sledgstone

    Vikings Season 5 Discussion

    I got caught up last night. Its a good thing this show isn't made on HBO or it'd be 50% softcore porn this season. I don't think Floki even had enough people there to begin with to start a sustainable population and now theres only a handful left. If everyone ends up dying then the entire Floki community arc seems pointless unless this eventually leads to something other than character development for Floki. They couldn't really go back because they disassembled their boats for housing, but with so few left they could probably make a boat again and leave now. Its a shame Heahmund died already. I liked his character and his personal conflict. That and he murdered the hell out of people which was cool. Ivar is a bits nuts with his god talk. And a few eps back when Rollo said Bjorn was his kid.. it felt like a Jerry Springer moment. And Judith.. shes brutal.. poison her own son like that. wtf, shes almost as nuts as Ivar.
  9. Happy new year!

  10. Sledgstone

    Battlefield V

    I got a couple rounds of conquest in and a round of grand operations. I played with a bunch of randoms with my mic off. So far it has been enjoyable. The bleedout doesn't take no where near as long as it did in the beta. I haven't gotten into all the gun customization stuff yet but gameplay mechanics seem decent. The lack of spotting is really throwing me off tho. It was a hard nerf to recon to force people to play other classes imo. Buddy revives work fine but I'm hardly seeing any medics at all. I ran into maybe 2 over the 2 hours I was playing. I didn't try medic myself yet mostly because I kept swapping back and forth from assault to attack vehicles or recon to spot people with it's gadget, it auto spots players when you look at them and I rack up points easy with it. The spotting lasts a few seconds but it helps significantly for giving away enemy locations to people I'm not talking to. There seems to be way more vehicles in this than BF1, but I still haven't seen an empty tank to spawn into, I'm guessing they are spawns at flags and I have to stay in the spawn screen to see them. The lack of spotting is funny tho because of the amount of times I'd run right into an enemy out of nowhere. It causes quite a bit more "oh shit" moments. My complaints so far is the commorose system. Why the hell they had to change it to generic looking icons instead of comments makes no sense to me. And when I'm squad leader and want to set an objective in the commorose I hold R1, push down to set an objective, then go left or right for what objective to set and then the cursor goes just left or right of the objective and I don't set a single objective at all.. Seriously dice... I'm not using a mouse here, its a f*cking controller, don't treat it like a mouse cursor.
  11. Finally got my dishwasher completely hooked up. What a pain in the ass. Mostly because the previous owners of this house didn't extend the new flooring into the dishwasher cabinet area.. and they installed an outlet directly behind the dishwasher that requires a flat style plug I had to order.. and the delivery guys threw away the insulation piece that I also had to order (no charge from whirlpool for that at least). And when I finally got it all in place I couldn't mount it until I added a new piece of wood trim to the underside of the cabinet to give it something to mount to. I know see why installation prices can run so high. wtf. Over 2 weeks I put like 8 hours into this thing. I ran it once for the first time last night. Seems pretty efficient.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Oh god I couldn't imagine. XD

      It was a good learning experience tho. I now know how to do it in case I ever need to again.. and I found out that sharkbite brand pipe fittings work amazingly well with no tools required. If I need to replace a damn fitting again I'll use that brand from now on. That was the last thing too.. I went to connect the water line, unscrewed the end of the pipe expecting a threaded connection on the end and instead I found out it was a pipe cap that popped off with just the end of a pipe with no fitting to connect the water supply line too. wtf. These people must have literally cut the pipe to disconnect their previous dishwasher instead of unhooking it correctly.

    3. DeathscytheX


      On an unrelated note, I just now realized we can finally edit status updates and replies. w00t! XD

    4. Sledgstone


      Holy crap you're right. XD I didn't notice until I read your comment. XD On another unrelated note I should be getting the other themes reinstalled this weekend. 😛

  12. The newest chapter of OPM was amazing. The artwork is top notch quality and I highly doubt another season of OPM will even compare to it. Child Emperor is a beast and is truly an S-class hero. I thought he was just brains and ranked as an S-class just for his intelligence. The fights hes been in with his robotic creations and that gundam he made wtf. Hes f*cking awesome. :D

  13. Sledgstone

    Battlefield V

    I have a 5 day weekend coming up so I know I'll finally have the time to try the game out then. I'm kind of glad I've been busy and missed all the ttk drama.
  14. Sledgstone

    Battlefield V

    Looks like the TTK was reverted back.
  15. I got my new fridge hooked up over the weekend. Built in water and ice maker is amazing. I never realized how convenient that really is. Thanks goes out to the inlaws and aunt for the amazing gift. :D

    1. DeathscytheX


      That's your first? XD I don't know what life is like without it.

    2. Sledgstone


      Lol. It's my first. They also bought us our first dishwasher. I'll hook that up this weekend. I've never owned one of those before either. 😛

    3. DeathscytheX


      Holy cow, mad conveniences. XD Although diswasher can be hit or miss. Ive had some where you could just rinse stuff off and toss it in. I have had others that you had to make sure you got every spec off each plate or else it would get dried to the bottom of all the cups on the top rack after the water jets blasted it off the plates into the cups. XD