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  1. My computer had a heart attack yesterday morning. The freezing and rebooting that started almost a month ago from a windows update got so bad I couldn't work on the PC for longer than 15 minutes before it'd freeze again and reboot. So I set it to do a "reset" through the recovery option.. which uninstalled all my stuff but kept my personal files. Took almost 5 hours. and in the end, it froze again once yesterday and again this morning. wtf. I did a memory test and its all good. I'm about to do a full clean install but I'll have to move all my files off first. wtf. Even now I have to re-install everything, Guild Wars 2, etc.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Turns out it was a combo of things. I tested all hardware again. Ran a 5 hour scan on the hard drive, 5 hour scan again on the memory, all good. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Don't trust hardware tests. The second memory stick was bad. After pulling it the PC didn't crash the rest of the day. A solid 14 hours with no crash. It was the first day I worked a solid shift without a crash in just over a month. Wtf.

      Since its actually working I've noticed that doing a windows reset has actually improved performance quite a bit. Some crashes may have been initially a windows 10 issue with an bad update seeing as the crashes started right after a windows update a month ago. The reset option keeps all personal files, but wipes all programs including browsers and bookmarks. I had to reinstall nvidia geforce experience, avast, etc. One thing I thought was causing the crash before I pulled the memory was avast. After the reset and the crashing still happening I focused on avast thinking programs I was installing was causing conflicts. If I disabled all shields the PC wouldn't crash immediately. So I uninstalled it and installed panda antivirus. That didn't fix the crash obviously since it was the memory, but I left panda on there and I noticed it has less strain on my PC. I'll leave it installed for now because it's kind of nice not getting popups from avast. I reinstalled gw2 and I'll get on the this weekend. My parents are visiting from out of state so i might not have much time to do much with it over the next couple days.

      SSDs have gone down alot in price. I'll be watching black Friday sales. If I see a 1 tb for a real good price I'll upgrade my PC to it and take the existing 1 tb in it and buy an external enclosure for it and have a new external for backups. Upgrading to SSD is easy since I learned what to do when I upgraded my laptop years ago. All I needed was 1 usb3 hard drive cable and free cloning software on download.com. I need to check what software I used to see if it's still free. Cloning the hard drive took less time than the windows reset I did the other day. But if you only have usb2 it'll take a lot longer depending on the size of the hard drive. The only catch to cloning a hard drive is the new SSD has to be at least the same size of the existing hard drive or bigger.

      I wouldn't mind upgrading my ps4 to SSD like my older brother did. Only problem with that is it's impossible to clone a ps4 hard drive because it's encrypted. Just put the hard drive in, turn it on and the ps4 will have to format and install OS from a usb drive if I remember right.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I'm pretty excited to see what PS5 games will look like a year or two after launch. I was reading yesterday how developers are excited for SSD consoles because they can program with less repetitive coding that was necessary for optimal texture loading and what not. Hopefully that means not only less repetitive environments, but way less reskinned enemies that are harder but just red instead of blue with a few more horns and eyes. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      I watched a youtube video about that last night. I had no idea that was a thing. O_O 

      and my PC is heart attacking again. Maybe that one stick of ram I removed was a fluke because its crashing again. -_-; I'm trying a different memory stick again. wtf.

  2. I've been working on my gutters off and on for the last 3 weeks now. I hate these f*cking things. It wouldn't have been making repairs to these if the previous owners didn't redneck the hell out of them. I'm ten feet up in the air two days ago taking a broken piece off, only to find a hidden stripped screw thats impossible to take off, so then I have to break a piece off and my repair work looks like crap because of it. -_-; It'll work, unlike what was there before, but I'm not pleased with it. When I can afford it I'll pay some company to come out and replace all the gutters.

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    2. Sledgstone


      lmao, I looked like that guy at the beginning of the second video earlier this year. XD The people never cleaned out the gutters. One of the gutters was so bad, it was literally a 3 inch downspout, not cut to length, just jammed straight up into a 5 inch funnel piece. It would never work. Instead leaf and debris built up on the edge of it, and I saw a little plant growing out of the gutter in the spring. XD 

      What I want one of these days is to pay a company to do brand new seamless gutters for me. Looks a hell of a lot nicer and its a permanent fix since there would be no joints to repair. Most of the companies will do a leafguard combo with it too.

      My friend had this done for the back of his house. Its really nice looking seeing one long 90+ foot gutter.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Facebook is now showing me gutter ads for looking up those videos. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      rotflmao! XD  me too. XD

  3. I'm guessing the trailer isn't showing much on purpose. Because if it was all just, let's look for a robot, it might be a bit boring. But it looks like they are no longer stuck on just a single planet for this season so it could be incredibly interesting to see the worlds they visit and what life they encounter.
  4. Um.. only 10 years later from the start of the apocalypse and modern society looks like it's basically back up and running in small scale. That doesn't seem possible at all. Hell, Judith is 10 now. So this series is happening in the exact same time as the current walking dead season except somewhere else in the country? Wtf.
  5. Sledgstone

    The Jimquisition

    Wow that Contra game looks horrible. Gun overheating is the worst feature they could have come up with. The game itself looks like complete crap, but they made it far worse with that overheating mechanic. WTF... Nintendo... $4.99 a month? With all the other microtransactions, I could see a $4.99 one time fee for the 200 cc mode.. but monthly? Damn thats greedy. Aside from the apple and google play games Jim mentioned, a person could also just buy a $1 a week minimum humble bundle or fanatical bundle and get significantly more for their money, entire multiple full games for $5 a month.
  6. That main character looks like Archie from the CW's Riverdale show. Lol. Aside from that the game is looking really good to me.
  7. This movie sucked. The costumes were supposed to be a throwback to the original X-Men costumes from the comic.. maybe as some way to try to reference back to the beginning of the franchise at the end. Most good movies or books generally reference the beginning at the end some how for closure, but the costumes looked like cheap crap especially since they showed the correct good costumes at the very end of the Apocalypse movie. Aside from that the acting wasn't good, the CG is some parts looks noticeably cheap and the plot was once again absolutely nothing like the Dark Phoenix plot from the comics. But there were some aliens... but they left their ships somewhere out in the woods and we never got to see them.. I'm glad Fox is done with this. They should have let Apocalypse be the last movie. Marvel will do a far better job with this franchise.
  8. I watched this movie last weekend. Holy shit that was awesome. That is hands down some of the best fight choreography I've seen since Into the Badlands, but its way more believable that Into the Badlands fights because it literally looks like real fighting, stabbing, knife throwing, etc. That knife fight alone was worth the price of the movie. So many knives. lol.
  9. I'm going to pass on this. It doesn't look anything like a portrayal of Joker from the comics (is this supposed to be Joker from the comics? or just some guy that goes a bit nuts and emulates Joker from the comics?) from what I've seen in the trailers. Its another one of those movies made just to win awards and most of those I generally hard pass on. But what does seem odd to me is that Joker was already established in Suicide Squad and they're making a Suicide Squad 2 which I thought Joker was going to show up in again.. but in the meantime theres this entirely different Joker. Ok... I see DC stopped caring about an actual single DC movie universe after Justice League came and went.
  10. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    Last of Us is amazing.
  11. I never pre-order or buy games on launch anymore, but this will be the exception. I need this game. And I'm glad its not getting some bullshit "oh its really for PS5 now exclusively" because I don't know when I'll buy a PS5, but I wont be buying that at launch. BTW, Last of Us is free with PS+ next month. If you haven't played it yet, I highly highly recommend it. If you do play it, one bit of advice, clickers will always one hit instant kill unless you have a shiv or shoot it from distance. Melee or try to strangle one of those and you will always die. Took me a while to figure that out. x_x You can technically stealth the entire game or go hard core guns blazing if you have the ammo.
  12. Now I understand why the last Lord of the Rings movie had such a long endless ending.. I'm halfway through the last book, the ring is already destroyed, the war is won and everyone is celebrating at the castle.. theres still like 300 pages left. wtf. XD and one of the biggest differences from the book and the movie was the last stretch of Frodo and Sam's journey. In the movie, they fought Shelob the spider and after Sam killed a couple Orcs and saved Frodo, they  took some more paths and were at the the lava in Mt Doom.. in the book, Sam had to infiltrate a massive Orc base, most of the Orcs killed each other in an argument, save Frodo.. and then had to actually go to Mt Doom still because that was only the first mountain. wtf. They had an extra week of traveling through enemy controlled land, sneak past multiple Orc bases and encampments, dress up as orcs and had to blend in with an Orc march to get over a bridge, get to Mount Doom, climb it.. lmao. the movie could have been so much longer. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      Honestly these books were way too long for movies. It was made too early. With HBO and Netflix these days, this would have been an amazing 5-7 season series easily. Digesting all of it an hour at a time would have made it more enjoyable and manageable.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      You mean so much better XD Yea the end of RotK kinda drags on for quite awhile with a lot of little things that weren't exactly necessary to get the story across (but remember, Tolkien was a world builder before a storyteller and he built one hell of a world).

      God what I wouldn't give for a literal book to TV series adaptation of Lord of the Rings (preferably HBO, Netflix does good stuff but I think HBO would do it much more justice). The movies were a little too condensed for my tastes and honestly not as enjoyable as a TV series would be.

  13. lmao! See ya Chadd.
  14. Are the Borderlands games actual sequels to each other? Or will I not understand any plot if I skip the first two?
  15. I got to play the beta for 2 hours yesterday. It honestly felt like every other call of duty game to me again except with different maps. Except it felt like ADS was incredibly slow. I had a couple decent rounds, but for the most part I felt like I was just getting farmed constantly. I never liked Killstreaks. I think they are pointless and just give a good player an overwhelming advantage. Its one thing if a player was already an expert and can go 20-5 every round, but add killstreaks to that and that same person will be in a jet raining down death on everyone the moment they spawn and that happened repeatedly. I'm sure that person is having a blast, but I don't find it enjoyable or even remotely balanced, but thats what every call of duty game is, always has been and always will be. eh, its not my cup of tea. Oh, and yeah these maps are small but god the spawning was horrible. I'd get shot in the back so often because I'd spawn almost in front of enemies that I got used to immediately turning around after spawning to rush into somebody. The only time I knew I had a safe spawn is by looking at the mini map and seeing 1 or 2 other teammates spawning right next to me. By the end of my 2 hours I was mostly having a k/d of 1.0 and I got over rank 5 to get customizable loadouts, etc. The game is decent for what it is but its not something I'll rush out to buy. Like Battlefield 1 & V, I'm guessing I'd have a more enjoyable experience if I was playing with actual teammates I was talking to and coordinating with instead of some randoms that have static mics crackling over my audio (I had to mute mics after the 4th round, it was just people being profane or making noise for the hell of making noise). I will say tho, domination mode felt extremely similar to BF's domination and that game mode was the most fun I had out of the beta.
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