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  1. Good luck with the new cable! I bet that other one didn't work for them but they were trying to save face. If the new cable doesn't work then maybe the CRT is ok and the actual issue is the graphics card not outputting video.
  2. I just watched a quick video of GW1 roller beetle racing. I don't remember ever playing that race. I can definitely see the resemblance to the new mounts tho.
  3. I'm so confused about that mount. lol. Its a hover bike that is somehow connected to the beetle via magic or something. That thing looks so huge it'll be an eyesore once they release a stardust skin for it. Anet has gotten much better with their trailers. I'm getting a bit hyped for this.
  4. What kind of connection was the old CRT monitor? VGA? A vga to hdmi adapter should work. If you have one of those you might have bought the wrong type. There are hdmi to vga convertors that have the same looking connections but will only convert a digital signal to analog when you'd want one that converts from analog to digital/hdmi output. Good luck finding CRT monitors nowadays. I haven't seen one for sale in years.
  5. Hopefully this game has no instant death boss mechanics like Mighty No. 9. God that game was such a let down.
  6. This does look very impressive. I like the angles, lighting, atmosphere, character design. I hope they show how the controls actually handle. It'd be a shame if its just a button masher. If there is some skill involved in getting those kill hits, it'd be pretty amazing.
  7. Black ops 3 is currently free for PS+ members for PS4 as a promotion for black ops 4: I just claimed it. I'm glad it has a campaign... unlike black ops 4.
  8. I'm buying this on day one. 😃
  9. The gameplay looks good and the trailer didn't give away much of the plot which is nice. But the graphics look like a bit of a downgrade. Lara looked a bit more realistic in the first 2 games.
  10. Almost as good as Xena and Hercules.
  11. I was tempted to buy a steam controller at one point, but it didn't look comfortable to use. Why was it bad for you? Can those touch pad things emulate mouse movements decently? I bet when they say the VCS will run modern games they probably mean modern mobile games like Clash of Clans and Angry Birds. A base model would have been great. I'd probably still pass on it tho. lol. The only person I knew that owned every Atari game and was a big atari fan was my Uncle Tom and he passed away many years ago. I do think I'll buy a retro pi, case and some decent wireless contollers an make my own retro gaming system. It should cost less than $70 and I could load any game from atari to N64 on it. I would like to buy a SNES Classic tho. I like the look of it and I'd play most of the games on it. If it had Chrono Trigger on there I'd have bought it asap. Super Mario 3 was the cut off for my parents too. The only games they play now are puzzle games. My dad loves playing sudoku.
  12. The only people that will buy this is YouTubers and eBay flippers. There is no way these will be mass produced and the $300 price tag is specifically to target those 2 groups of people. They should have made it a simple atari classic like the NES and Super NES classic and sold it for $80. The only modern games it'll play will most likely only be games that are currently playable on linux via steam. They mentioned no developers for the system and made no announcement about new launch titles. I bet they'll only be on eBay for about $400 soon and we'll never hear of it again like ouya.
  13. I bought a Nvidia Shield yesterday with that 20% off ebay sale. (These random once a month one day ebay coupon flash sales are really really nice.) I'll get the shield delivered sometime tomorrow or monday. I'm looking forward to trying it out and hopefully it'll serve great as a plex server for me. I've been using plex for a while now on my pc and it great, but I really want to have access to all my movies/anime/series to watch in bed without having to have my main pc on acting as a media server. Its also nice, that it fully supports 4k. When I eventually buy a 4k tv, all my 4k streaming needs will already be in place.

  14. ROTFLMAO! I guess I'll lose.
  15. The Disney princess part at the end is great. I loved the first movie.