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    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    here, our mandatory mask order ended in august and county judge ordered 2 more weeks of it. thats as far as emergency power she was suppose to have from the article i read. but here we are in november and we are still wearing masks and no one is questioning anything. and almost 100 ppl died from newly tested vaccine in s.korea recently. but news says its just a flu shot and covid simply complicated things. O_o wtf. since govt can just force masks on ppl, why not force these vaccines on ppl too? sounds farfetched now, but have you ever thought you would be wearing masks everywhere you go if you were asked this question last year? id probably die from something random before covid ever gets me. its more than frustrating bc its like no one has an answer for it but we are just to follow their orders or else.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Dancer Glam 2

    From the album: FFXIV Pics

    As promised Glowy Dancer Chakrams (the fully, as of this patch, upgraded resistance weapon). Sadly it's hard to make out the particle effects unless you look closely (as I feared with a still shot, I might have to record footage and throw it up on the ole youtube to give you the full effect). Still my favorite looking resistance weapon out of the current incarnation as that glow is bad ass. The Ninja ones are just as good looking as is the Gunbreaker weapons but sadly I don't have any of those done currently (and probably won't do Ninja's as I don't main or play Ninja anymore).
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    Myk JL

    LOVE AND MONSTERS Trailer (2020)

    Reminds me of

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