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  1. Godgrave: A lot of people are doing that these days. My last job has caused me to start going that way as well. They thought it was fun to chain us to our desks and feed us nothing but candy. I'm glad I don't work there anymore, it's nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. Sledge: HOT. Very, very, very hot. I think I'm gonna start spending my summers over there. Or possibly just buy a fan as it's probably more affordable.
  2. No thanks, our 2d animations teacher actually usually teaches the advanced diploma students so we've been stuck with quite a bit of homework. Not as bad as 6 + hours a night though. You should hire someone to do some of it for you.
  3. I haven't been too bad. I'm exhausted though. I've started a multimedia course and we have TONS of homework. Has anyone done anything exciting the last couple of years?
  4. *waves*
  5. I saw it a week or two ago. I thought it was quite good.
  6. Hi!
  7. *waves*
  8. Hardly no one remembered my birthday last year. All I ended up getting was a carton of cigarettes. I'm hoping this year's gonna be a bit better.
  9. That'd be awesome to do. I'd defiantly just dive through most of them.
  10. haha. Awesome!
  11. *waves*
  12. Iron Maiden - From here to Eternity
  13. Haha. Think I'll pass.
  14. Hahahaha. That's awesome.
  15. Wow. I think that beats alot of my worst days.
  16. I was wondering what FF games everyone had clocked. I've clocked VII, IX and X. I was working on IV until I got World of Warcraft. I always wondered why they called it Warcrack... I also own V and I had a copy of VIII until it was stolen. So what FF games has everyone finished?
  17. Welcome to AC!
  18. Welcome to AC! Try to ignore the insanity. Good luck trying though.
  19. They're great HC!!
  20. Great work Miyu! I love them.
  21. Great work as always Dubird!
  22. Probebly... but hey! It's nice to dream. lol.
  23. I hope it does come out... *drools*
  24. Hi everyone. I thought I better drop in and see how everyone was. Sorry I haven't been on much. I just haven't had a chance to get on the forums for a while.