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  1. I got an ipod, a new Timberland cd, 2 jackets, baby phat perfume, an American Idol light-up pen, & gold hoop earrings.
  2. Inufangirl2


    Welcome to ancient clan forums.
  3. Inufangirl2


    Hi, welcome to acient clan forums!
  4. I hope it doesn't suck! The animated movies of it are good. That looks retarded though so it might suck lol!
  5. I watch anime in English mostly. But if it sounds better in Japanese I will watch it with subtitles. I watch Love hina in Japanese.(the English voices sound weird) Only on the internet I can't find it anywhere else. It doesn't matter I'll watch anime both ways sometimes.
  6. Inuyasha & Kagome. Inuyasha... Iam glad u like it.
  7. Thanks people I appreciate the comments!
  8. lol Iam glad u like the FG anime pic.Yeah u can't show them that or the SB hemppants thing on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5xqf1z8i4A
  9. I don't know u either,but welcome back!
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