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  1. I should be going to see it next Wednesday. Madman were giving out passes at the Melbourne Anime Festival so it'll be pretty cheap for me to go too. I can't wait to see it.
  2. I've needed to have mine out for about two years now. I had to go through a referal process that the dental hospital said would take 18 months. It turns out that when I called to change my address they didn't do it properly and I never got offered an appointment to have them taken out. I went back about two months ago and they told me that my offer went to the wrong address and my referral was only good for 12 months. Why would the referral only be good for a year when the waiting list is a year and a half? So I went back for another referral and was told to fax the information through that I receive after my appointment and I'll be booked in right after they recieve it since they screwed up with the address. I turned up to my appointment at 08:30 AM in the morning and was told that the dentists don't actually start until 10:30 and to come back then. So I came back at 10:30, finally saw someone at about 11:30 and was out of the x-ray part a bit after lunch time. I then waited another two hours (the dentist had gone on lunch after I left for x-rays) and finally gave up and asked the reception desk if I could leave and pick up the referral and x-rays another time. The receptionist said that she better ask the dentist first, she went and found him and came back saying that he had no intention of giving me a copy of the referal and x-rays as he would be putting them through himself. It's now been about two months and I haven't recieved a call for an appointment. If the dentist I saw has sent the referral off as usual and has not given it to the person it was supposed to go to (I told him what had happened) I'll be looking at another two year wait and extra $80 fee just for the referral to be considered. I'm going to wait until after Manifest and call them again. I'm starting it think it would have been easier and quicker to find a high paying job and spend the $3,000 to have them taken out. And I have to try and get braces after this! I'm gonna be over 20 by the time I get them at this stage. 18 or 19 with braces would be embarrasing enough since everyone already thinks I'm over 20. And that ends my rant of why hospitals and the governments health plan sucks in this country and why my jaw dislocates every time I yawn or try and eat crunchy bread. Good luck Sledge. I'm sure you'll have a lot less trouble then I have had with it.
  3. Well, maybe I like the taste of cough medicine.
  4. I don't really drink that much soda anymore. I used to have at least a cup of it a day though. I've cut back heaps since I've gone onto student payments. I've been going a bit overboard on energy drinks this week though. I've had one nearly every night. I usually drink Pepsi when I do drink it, or Dr Pepper if I end up going past one of the three stores that stock it in this country. Mountain Dew doesn't have any caffine in it here and it doesn't taste too pleasent either. I try to avoid it if at all possible.
  5. wolfos3d

    Image Anime

    I recieved my models in one piece. Well, in many pieces of course since I haven't put them together yet. They arrived really quickly and I even got a refund for the amount I overpaid in shipping(which was my mistake). Once I put them together I'll find out if all the pieces are there and post some pics.
  6. wolfos3d

    Donate a photo

    Feel free to add either of the ones of me from the thread I made.
  7. All of my game consols still work. My gamecube is a little bit effed. I have to unplug it to turn it off and can't reset it but other then that it works fine. My N64 has had a little trouble loading recently. It was stoered in a box in someones shed for a year though. My SNES and NES still work fine and my xbox is being used as a doorstop at the moment.
  8. I think it's pretty cool looking.
  9. wolfos3d

    Image Anime

    I ended up going with them. The only reviews I could find about them online were regarding the actual shop and not the online service. The shipping cost was a reasonable price and the email I received was quite polite when I asked for the costs. I'll let you guys know if they're any good once I recieve my models.
  10. I'd hope so for that price. My second last hair cut was AUD$50 though. The one before that was $15 because my hair was ruined and I just went to a barber because it had to be cut so short just to get rid of all the ruined bits. They did a much better job then the hair dresser that charged me $50 and I got to go around without my hair looking like complete fuzz and grossness for quite a few months. My last hair cut cost me nothing because my housemate did it for me. I'll upload a pic once I've edited a few more photos.
  11. wolfos3d

    Image Anime

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying a couple of models from Image Anime and having them shipped across. Has anyone delt with the company before?
  12. I didn't even know there was a series after gundam seed. I don't think it's even come out here yet.
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