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    My name is Katie =3
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    In CabbitGirls backpocket
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    Anime, video games
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    Miyazaki movies =)
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    Final Fantasy series
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    Lupin the Third
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    family guy/futurama
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    jane erye
  1. xxangelxdust


    hiii =3 -waves!
  2. macy gray >.<!!!!!!!! ugh her hair bothers me.
  3. "Did you take mommys one pleasure that doesnt invovle a detachable showerhead" SAt. 11:30 AS Every week man i love that show
  4. xxangelxdust

    Hiya =)

    I KNOW YOU TOO ! OMGZZZZ!! (jk)hi. you need to slepp over eppys house again that was funnn
  5. ha ha right on! the power of wives/women are amazzing when it comes to a beau =3!
  6. me neither, i mean i catch it now and then, but i dont plan my plans around it >.< it annoys me
  7. ha ha to lady, maybe they look the same cause i don't pay attention idk. naruto its veryy apperent that he had changed.
  8. Why is it that only Naruto looks like hes gotten older... but the others really remain almost the same
  9. ha ha that girl is messed upp
  10. xxangelxdust

    Hiya =)

    well he should know... i bite back... and i have rabies >.< joking!
  11. she can magicly turn into a catgirl and has to save the world and endagered animals from aliens !!! ooooo aaaa.
  12. hmm.... courtney? the "funny" one she had like a southern accent her name was goldie i believe EDIT ohh S shatar or something the one where everytime she blinked they did i bike horn?
  13. yea!!! that girl "I'm a good -bleep- -bleep- mother!!!" ha ha -biatch slap-
  14. I just started watching the japanese with english sub episodes, but it reminds me alot of salior moon >.< I still can't stop wathing it... nyaaaa
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