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  1. Drive faster? People need to learn to drive, periode. The main reason I still don't drive is because no one on the road seems to be able to. ...I blame women. Women shouldn't be allowed to drive. Or vote. Or leave the ki- ... Why are you all looking at me like that? ; *hides* (All joking asside there are alot of women who are terrible drivers.)
  2. I've seen some Adventure time. I don't see the appeal. It just looks like a random incoherent mess to me.... Maybe if I was younger. Or high. Or both.
  3. I don't think I had any "heroes" growing up as a kid. Can I say Batman? Yeah I know, I'm lame. Deal with it.
  4. (I'm surprised no one has started this thread yet.) Who'd a thunk it. Back in the eighties Transformers was the bomb and My Little Pony was rather bland/bad. Nowadays it's My Little Pony that is awesome and Transformers that's trash. Personaly, I blame Michael Bay. For the last year and a half I've been enjoying the magic that is the newest incarnation of My Little Pony. I hadn't followed it when it first came out. I knew it had been rebooted from the "pony reaction images" that floated around the internet. I assumed they were watching it rather ironicaly and that it was as bland and tacky as ever. I wasn't a hater mind you. I was indifferent to it. I felt content to let the "bronies" have fun on 4chan. "It's just the internet being the internet," I would say to my self. For the entirety of the first season I stayed ignorant to it's eventual attraction. Then by chance, while watching random Pokemon videos on Youtube (my first "mistake"), I came accross one called "Twilight Sparkled evolves into Rapidash". Curious I clicked on the video (my second "mistake"). The video showed a purple unicorn "evolving" into an honnest to goodness Rapidash. I couldn't leave this alone. I had to know what the context of that scene was. After a short internet search I discovered that the episode in question was "Feeling Pinkie Keen". I watched it (my final "mistake"). To my great shock and total disbelief the episode was honnestly funny and quite entertaining. In short: "I kinda liked it." So now I ask onto you dear followers of AC, those of you who have been more active than I. Who else watches the magical adventures of technicolour ponies... or would that be technicolour adventures of magical ponies?
  5. Love them or hate them, the Fantastic Four are a huge part of the Marvel universe and aren't going to go anywhere anytime soon. I agree Thor is a little off for Civil War.
  6. I'm suprised there isn't a sex theme park somewhere already.
  7. Gundam-Ranger-X

    Well hello

    *beats eppy to the punch* Get in mah bellah! *eats wiget* Fresh newb is so hard to find. PS: Welcome.
  8. I'd consider getting it if it were available in my area. I'd rather have the Anime Network though. (On demand doesn't do it for me. The whole reason I want an all anime chanel is so I can watch anime without having to chose it. On demand I have to chose so it defeats the whole purpose.)
  9. Yet more useless bells and whistles that make me not want to rush out and shell out my hard earned dollars on it. I'm perfectly happy with my classic DS. Hell I was happy with my 'brick' until I uped it for the DS. Dissapointed that DS didn't backwards-compatable with pre-GBA games. If DSI could do that I would get one. (That's right, I used backwards compatability as a verb. I'm awesome.)
  10. Ah remakes... Why the hell can't they just remake an anime that deserves it for once like Bastard! or Berserk? Why do we always get remakes of recent animes such as Hellsing and now FMA? (I'm not mentioning the Guyver remake as that one was appropriate.
  11. Gawd I would kill to get some bawls in my mouth right now.
  12. Gundam-Ranger-X


    http://chibygrx.mybrute.com Well I almost beat you Eppy. Considering out differance in levels I'd say not bad at all for me.
  13. How could it suck? It's Thor! Thor automaticaly makes things 1 billion % better. And a Thor animated series would be awesome. I'm also looking forward to the Thor animated feature.
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