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  1. We need to start an Ancient Clan guild...it wouldn't be hard.
  2. Most of mine are on Kargath, I think I gave up the ones on a different server. I have two seperate accounts, but I shutdown one of them until I get to Korea.
  3. WoW fucking rules. Period. I play on Kargath, as does my wife and a load of guys I got addicted from my unit.
  4. *dies* You haven't played Tactics yet? *dies again*
  5. All of them.
  6. X'D Yeah, the samurai episode and the R. Kelly episode are best.
  7. Chair Force is about right. X'D As is the Army one. *dies laughing* .....*goes back to work*...
  8. X'D Navy, right?
  9. Ha! Snake Man from Mega Man 3. And Every boss in Metal Gear Solid. I've beaten that game 28 times.
  10. Family Guy Simpsons Futurama ATHF Brak Invader Zim Spongebob Southpark Old TMNT Original X-Men
  11. Excuse me, I would just like to say, I think it's disgustingly cute how everyone has referred to it as "the fluffy". *nods* *dies from cuteness*
  12. ...I...I'm sorry...I don't get any of that...*twitch*
  13. I didn't like how Kadaj equipped his materia. Made it look like he just put it in his arm, ala Inuyasha. Look at the Buster sword, the two holes near the hilt...yeah...thats where they are supposed to go.
  14. Oh My Fucking Godd. 1: This movie rocked all existence. 2: Thank you Eppy, for those of you critiquing the movie for aspects of fillers and such, play the Goddamn game and shut the hell up until you do so! *growls* They could have made that movie 9 hours long and still not gotten everything. That was by far, the greatest, movie ever. EVER. *nods proudly* Pay attention to the storyline when you play the game. Damn. My Godd... My heart is still pounding from watching that. I will defend this game, movie, and everything "VII" til the day I die! *stands guard*
  15. I'm downloading right now. I hope the quality is decent. If not, is there anyone I can snag this from?
  16. I love this show. Bloo and Eduardo are funny as shyt.
  17. Heero, Trowa, Duo, and Zechs. =)