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    I'm a Pagan of 5 years. I'm very sharp. Try me! :)
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    Only Honeybee, Miyu, and CabbitGirl can stalk me!
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    Magick, Witchcraft, Divination, Telekinesis
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    Tarot Reader
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    WAY too many to name!
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    Any good sword slasher or RPG! ;)
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    Practical Solitary Magick
  1. Kuwa hasn't been on AC since late Feb. Has anyone seen him?
  2. Tanoro

    kitty on AC X'D

    My cat used to do that. She doesn't do it anymore though.
  3. I stabbed Santa Clause because I like chocolate. These are hilarious! X'D
  4. Or he can do what I did with my smilies section that has since miraculously disappeared from the archives. I merely linked my updates here to a page elsewhere where my smilies were listed together.
  5. Awww! It's ok, Bee. We just need patience and a mob to hunt down Kuwabara.
  6. I'm sure it'll be here soon. We just need to be patient. I'm rather curious to see how he writes me into it.
  7. I like Sakura's inner monologue routine. Sometimes it's just plain cute! X'D Like when they first met Kikashi-sensei, Naruto tried to set a class-clown trap for him over the door. Sakura was razzing him, but her inner monologue was cracking up in excitement. I haven't seen the other girls yet.
  8. Kuwa is gonna have the single longest-running thread on AC if this keeps up. Give him some good ratings, everyone! It seems like I'm the only one that has given it any stars.
  9. Tanoro

    Naruto poll

    Kakashi is my favorite. The guy is patient, wise, experienced, witty, and has the spirit of a true ninja. He is just plain goofy in some parts, but he's a great fighter too.
  10. Lol! Honeybee needs a bedtime story with lots of blood, guts, and gore! X'D
  11. Hilarious! Rep has been added.
  12. I just saw this movie tonight. I liked it. GREAT action! I love the part where everyone is fighting the monster. Is that Bahamut? It really looked like him.
  13. Now I'm curious. I wanna see what he'll do to Cabbit. X'D
  14. Kazuma's armor looks a lot like one of the Monomakia from Brigadoon.
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