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    im 20, studying , work part time at blockbusters, have major girl troubles
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    London, UK
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    anime, going out, gaming
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    CSR at blockbuster / student
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    Berserk / Guyver
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    Lineage 2 Kastein server (l2Extream)
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    only read text books
  1. he was never really a tough guy he became zach
  2. cloud was in a fukd state from the jenova expierments
  3. any one who played that knows cloudo ^^
  4. OMG this anime rocked for those that dont know it is a 25m anime (not cg) about zach and cloud escaping 5/5 rating end in a clif hanger but we know what happens to zach (btw zach )
  5. thats so true we do think via our stomachs :P:P
  6. ill boot leg it if needed from ebay
  7. Guyver

    WoW = wow

    l2 useless RYL = interesting but no where as developed at WoW cammy what you dont like WoW??
  8. Guyver

    WoW = wow

    boring of any mmo this has the most stuff to do
  9. Guyver

    WoW = wow

    i perfer atk to def more HK and im a warrior would you believe i made the flag run alone hamstring anyone that came near me and hit a swiftness pot ^^
  10. Guyver

    WoW = wow

    man this games pwns all others also with the battle grounds we play capture the flag horde vs allience so damn fun we use team speak so kinda an advantage this is seriously the best PvP game out there anyone play bet cammy does
  11. chrno crusade kicks ass ending will make you cry
  12. how many volumes are rhere of berserk, i mite be forced to buy them ;_;
  13. not an anime but quistis from ff8 anime??? cant say i have one
  14. make that banner smaller my fave bad guy must be vegita he bad ass
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