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  1. Man, I remember every one of those... I miss the old days. ;_;
  2. Word of advice for the Wizard... UPGRADE YOUR WEAPONS!!!!
  3. Don't know about you DX, but I couldn't use my portal during Leoric. It was my understanding that it was disabled for bosses. D3 is fucking incredible. Screw D2, Sledge, get D3 ASAP. Loving it.
  4. "Sony won't block used games, says analyst" I honestly don't think this will happen. The big 3 know how many hoops they would have to jump through to make that whole concept a feasible reality. I think it's interesting how it would play out if this concept came to fruition. Anything is possible, but the only way it could happen that made it all worth it is if all 3 companies agreed to adopt this standpoint. Would that happen? Or would one go for it and another pull out to watch their rivals suffer in sales? If they all agreed to it, Gamestop would likely go under. Which is the whole point, right? If they won't agree to a much more reasonable share split for the developers and publishers from the sale of used games, put them out of the industries misery, right? Only possible if they all agreed and had some sort of legal document binding them to their agreement. Would that be considered illegal in some way, conspiring to end a company like Gamestop? A convoluted monopoly of some sort? Just some random food for thought. =)
  5. The night and day factor is even more prominent when you compare the varying degrees of higher setting in Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC and the console versions. Easily one of the most advanced games on the market.
  6. Much of what's been said in this thread has me face palming. Nothing will change in terms of revenue in the long run. The short of it is that gamers will not stop gaming. I sure as hell won't. I'll adapt to whatever solutions the industry comes up with. Just like we always have. Quality in games is purely perspective. There are a ton of "contra clones" out there being made all the time by indy developers. Support them! Quit ragging on companies like Blizzard who are literally pioneering into new territory with this industry and are honestly doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Not 1 or 2 people run the whole company. Tiers and tiers of employees all having varying degrees of responsibility who still answer to other people. Don't condemn the whole because of the few. Activision actually has little to do with the development process of Blizzards games. They were simply put there to manage their finances better and have done an excellent job financially. WoW is not lacking from quality in the least. Its the best out there, hands down. There simply aren't enough resources to go around to make everyone happy. They don't exist. Money is not a resource, by the way. Talent is what I'm specifically talking about. Christ, there is so much to tackle in this thread and on this topic, I'm kind of bouncing around irritated. lol I know I've kind of been playing the devils advocate here, but I do have my own similar opinions concerning all of this. What aggravates me the most is that the majority of people bitch and complain about the -wrong- things. The ignorance surrounding the industry is astounding to me. If you're going to complain, be productive about it, consider all sides of the story first, get the facts straight and make a legitimate argument. I think it does suck that they are seriously considering doing away with used gaming instead of there being a way to work around it that makes everyone involved relatively happy. Gamestop has been screwing the gaming industry for years. Despite popular belief, game developers don't make a hundred grand a year and money grub all they can from the consumers. Things have been tight for many, many developers out there resulting in lay offs, companies closing, etc. I don't blame them for wanting to stiff arm Gamestop and similar stores for practically stealing the ridiculous profit they are making off of used games. But you know what? I'll get over it. If they do something that just isn't financially feasible for the consumer, they will feel it. They will hear about it. They will change it. That's how it works everywhere, especially in the gaming industry. I apologize for the ranting wall of text, but this is something that is and always has been very near and dear to me and I keep up with many aspects of the industry on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. The forum threads and blog posts from the self-important, overly opinionated masses are dripping with ignorance, spite, and unproductive whining. To these kinds of people, I say: Shut the fuck up and buy some more games or go the fuck away. Your business won't be missed.
  7. I had it for the PS3 and just got sick of it. Bought it for the PC and the difference is like night and day. The new changes went live for the PC and so far I'm a lot happier with it.
  8. Happy Birthday Eppy. =) He'll get back to us when he wakes up from his drunken stupor in 2 days.
  9. Starcraft Risk will be way cooler. lol
  10. It's definitely closer to PS3 quality than it is to PS2. It's hard to tell the difference in some games, IE: Wipeout 2048, Rayman Origins, and Uncharted. I've seen worse looking PS3 games. lol
  11. Leaps and bounds. It's a huge improvement over the PSP. It's up to Sony to support it properly this time and for devs to take some chances instead of releasing 3 man dev team games all year to avoid potential financial loss.
  12. Has anyone else picked up this beautiful piece of hardware? Normally I'd wait until there were more/better games available already, but I got excited. >_> PS3/PSVita ID: Aveyax
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