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  1. Nice. I could go all English-Nazi and point out a few things here, but really I think it's quite good. The only things that I think detract from it are the brief shifting tenses ("hesitated" > "hesitate"), and the "me thinks" kinda rubbed me the wrong way. But, that's probably just my issue.
  2. FLCL...I still don't really get it. *needs to watch it again*
  3. That'd be pretty cool, actually. Something in the same vein as the old Fandemoniums?
  4. Are open challenges allowed under these rules?
  5. Saw it for the first time last night...pretty cool. Those little forest spirits are beyond awesome.
  6. I'm pretty sure his avatar was Kagome...dun think he had any sig besides text.
  7. There even used to be a member here whose name said so.
  8. You don't have a signature because of your reputation...
  9. "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!" Nice drawing. ...and as cfioncn knows, I carry a weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of sailors everywhere.
  10. My SICD sig, with a silhouette of Fenrir. From the Dead Poetic song Molotov. From the Radiohead song How to Disappear Completely. My old Bush signature. If I remember correctly, the matching avatar got me in trouble with DX. Babylon. Or Singapore, whichever you prefer. This just didn't turn out quite how I wanted. \ Strange Daze, inspired by the Kottonmouth Kings song of the same name. I think I've used all of these here, except for the first two.
  11. I thought it was. >.>
  12. Ball-point That thing about the desert is pretty cool though. Makes me wish I had a better understanding of meteorology. >.>
  13. The box set is awesome. You hear all kinds of things in the DVDs that didn't make CN.
  14. X'D Yes...I used your attractiveness and libido to steal from the lady.
  15. X'D In our group my thief had been somewhat mistreated by a healer, so I essentially used the other PC to uh..."distract" her while I robbed her blind. Unfortunately, the group broke up due to schedule conflicts. \
  16. 54. Cannot pimp out other party members. Ehe...we've actually done this when the player wasn't there.
  17. I listen to music when I'm doing something on the computer, and either the TV or nothing for things on paper (I do paper things on the living room floor, so the options there are limited). I don't often listen to music when I write though, because most of what I listen to has lyrics and they sometimes interfere with my own thought processes.
  18. Yeah, I get that same perfectionist mentality when I'm trying to write something serious. That's why it takes me five hours to write a two page paper, and why I could never be a writer. Pretty cool that you were able to overcome it though...maybe I'll try that method next time.
  19. "Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now, gotta go gotta go gotta go!"
  20. X'D That wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining.
  21. I've been told I'm similar to some guy from some manga that had something to do with dragons. The character was described to me as really, really mellow until disturbed by something, at which point he became Hell on Earth. Having no name to provide for the above, I'd say Duo because of the outward chillness that hides deeper personal issues. I'm not that outgoing though.
  22. Cutest. Show. Ever. Like, I was actually squirming in my chair from the cuteness.
  23. Elfen Lied (pretty, good story, non-cliche, and a Latin opening theme) Shingetsutan Tsukihime (pretty, interesting story, but no Latin) Azumanga Daioh (too, too cute for words) Furi Kuri (esoteric-awesome) Cowboy Bebop (first real anime [non-DBZ] I saw, well done overall) Outlaw Star (and the second. Fun show, fun universe) Kiddy Grade (interesting universe, not bad action) Serial Experiments Lain (interesting plot, although kinda lacking visually) Evangelion (slow at times, but cool as hell) Trigun (Wolfwood's gun, good characters)
  24. It was alright. Alucard's badass-ness is all that really carried it.
  25. Present and future. Present-day tends to be funnier, but future tends to have big robots 'n shit blowin up.