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  1. North Korea are well within their rights here, but fortunately for those journalists this has become a politically charged situation. It no longer matters whether they were right or wrong; what matters is that they are American, and as a nation it is in our interest to bully them free. It's nice to be a superpower, sometimes.
  2. Azrael

    The Greatest

    The greatest what? Be more specific with your self-aggrandizement.
  3. Our schools are shit; our roads are sub-standard; our politics are embarrassing. Hoo-ray for South Carolina. At least we've got mustard-based barbecue. And Clyburn.
  4. Wow, how awful. Kind of ironic that a right-wing nut would shoot someone in a church though. Murder and sacrelige in a single act...he's going to have some explaining to do at the pearly gates.
  5. That's...pretty freaking cool. I wonder if those are legal? Bet a lot of people would buy them if he mass-produced.
  6. Death Cab for Cutie - Steadier Footing
  7. The Mars Volta comes to mind. I like their sound but I'm stingy and kinda broke, and I always forget to borrow their stuff when I'm around someone who's got it. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, too.
  8. Got the urge to play with Photoshop again, and I wanted to make something in multiple parts. This is what came out. Comments, criticism?
  9. Hey, cool. Welcome back.
  10. Azrael


    Driftwood is the song that's been stuck in my head most of the day. The Recluse is another good one.
  11. Azrael


    EDIT: Well I'll be damned, a double-post. Sorry about that.
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