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  1. I posted about this elsewhere but I have been glued to it lately...there's a great COD Channel on Pluto.TV: http://pluto.tv/#!&channel=worldofcod There's a dozen or so gaming channels there on different subtopics.
  2. I am a bad forum user. I go through phases of remembering that I am a member a few different places, then I post a bunch, then I forget for like a year. It's been really bad the last few years. Anime? I got into One Week Friends. Also, on the link I posted I have been watching Darker Than Black. How about you?
  3. I feel like this does a good job of making it seem like you're still watching anime on TV - but it's internet content so not subject to the same horrible edits. For some strange reason, I really like the concept of channels and shows, even if it is, ultimately, on demand internet content... PlutoTV Anime Channel
  4. This movie was so funny. I don't think it would have been funny at all without Christopher Walken, I actually BELIEVED he was that dude.
  5. Storm Hawks is pretty rad I agree. I like all the characters especially Stork, Piper and Junko. Who's your favorite so far?
  6. I have a crush on Junko from the new show Storm Hawks on Caroon Network. I like how he's big and strong, but tries hard to be sweet and gentle.
  7. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! I can't wait.
  8. I have this CD! I got it for free from someone at my old college. It's pretty good, I listen to it on long road trips a lot. Do you know if Rich Shapero has other stuff?
  9. "The Pool" off of "Wild Animus - The Ram" by Rich Shapero
  10. This show is excellent! I love it. Did you see last night's episode? The part where Trish Stratus goes on the call with that dancing, pool-cue waving old crazy was truly great. She's like "we have to treat everyone with respect" and she did, I loved it. She just seems so confident, which is probably the reason she became an athlete in the first place, whereas the rest of the cast seems so underconfident, which is probably the reason they became celebrities in the first place...
  11. cuidado

    kitty on AC X'D

    That is so cute. My cat is way too dumb to notice a cursor. He's a lover, not a thinker.
  12. I have a feeling Sasuke will eventually learn a lesson about putting all of his eggs in one basket, and will choose loyalty over his mission... but I guess I'm optimistic.
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