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  1. There’s a new show on Cartoon Network called Stormhawks. It has a really unique style that I kinda dig and the graphics in it look really cool (not quite anime but still cool). It takes place in a world called Atmos, and the main characters are a squadron of pilots who fly these futuristic looking biplanes that can transform into bikes, and they go around fighting evil people. I only saw part of one episode so I’m not sure about the full story yet, but it looks pretty awesome so far (of course, there is a www.stormhawks.com, but I’m too lazy to go to a website and read right now).It looks pretty nifty.
  2. This is a daring album that ignores fashion and doesn’t try to conform to any trends. It blends traditional style acoustic folk playing with a haunting neo-grunge vibe, which makes for a very unique and interesting listen. It’s not one of those “issue” albums where you listen to it all the way through once, and then you’re done. This one will take awhile to get old. I’d recommend it to anyone with at least moderately good taste. ( http://wildanimus.com/ )
  3. ...especially if they have a camera. http://www.stuffmagazine.com/video/695/TotalJerk.video?src=gp53 (note: this may contain some disturbing noises)
  4. It's not that he turns into it so much as that he gets powered from it - and indeed, in later episodes/books, it becomes more and more visible as it begins to break free.
  5. kijula

    doodle doodle sketch

    Very good. You seem to have much of a specific style going on - don't be afraid to challenge it, to move beyond it, to move sideways from it - diversity is the spice of art (not necessarily life, imo), and even if you feel you aren't doing well somewhere else, when you come back to what you were doing before you'll be even better ^^ Definitely cute
  6. kijula

    WoW = wow

    I quite like that they have enforced RP servers. Once you get ~60 and see 30-40 versions of 'legolas' and 'illidan' misspelled, it gets kinnnnnnda irritating.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1593070209/qid=1127771558/sr=8-3/ref=pd_bbs_3/103-9300530-4465401?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 Try amazon. Manga for hire.
  8. kijula

    Naruto on Toonami

    Interesting. I've been rewatching the episodes that have so far aired, and I've decided I really like Shikimaru's voice. It's just ... appropriate, really. Not something I noticed right away. I guess i'm getting more used to the voices.
  9. kijula

    Naruto on Toonami

    Kakashi sounds a bit more "teacherly" than he does in the japanese version, and sounsd incredibly bored the entire time - taken in perspective, though, it works; it's just not quite what i'm used to.
  10. kijula

    Naruto on Toonami

    Yep, they took out the kiss. Fangirls won't like it, I suppose, but I both realize why they did it (ours is a homophobic society, now matter how you slice it) and am grateful they didn't decide to cut out more important scenes (just edit the blood). Sexy no Jutsu is a pivotal character scene - it demonstrates to what point Naruto's perversity exists - (as well as being blatant fan service), and realize they *could* have done half-@$$ed things like replace the giant shiruken with a blast of "mystical ninja energy" because it's "too bloody".
  11. kijula

    Naruto on Toonami

    I thought the dub was a lot better than it could have been. They took out the blood, and the kissing scene, but other than that, they really left it alone. I think they're starting to understand that anime aren't necessarily limited to children's shows. ...The day they release a totally unedited anime with good dubs... I mean, Cowboy Bebop's dubs were good, but ..mehh. Ah well - this was a good step along the way.
  12. All of Ghibli's stuff is *awesome* - www.nausicaa.net has a complete list, but mononoke certainately takes the cake for most *complete*, especially for the teen age-group, though I think howl had the best animation and nausicaa was the best overall.
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