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  1. Lost season 3 bloopers! yay! Season 4, I need you already. LOST LAUGHING RIOT Where there not several instances where you thought Hurley and Charlie might kiss? "Not every nook and cranny, John!" I can't stop.
  2. clara

    Weridest Music videos!

    Indie cover version of Nelly's "It's Getting Hot in Here" Dancing Polar Bears, Pengers, all in an igloo! Video: HERE, IT'S GETTING SO COLD
  3. Ah! I am so so so jealous. I want Guitar Hero, so bad- I can taste it.
  4. clara

    Nerds on Mario

    Do you think the guy playing this game is a total nerd, or do you think we are bigger nerds for knowing EXACTLY what he was talking about? NERD ALERT: http://gloob.tv/games/lost_levels_lost_innocence?article=1212
  5. Have you guys seen this? When Halo goes too far into the future and we let it! http://gloob.tv/games/halo_future?article=1212 I do like that we get to keep the Spartan, it reminds me of Daft Punk's "Digital Love"
  6. This looks really good. Nicole Kidman (Margot) is going to see her sister (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who is engaged to Jack Black, who Margot thinks is a loser. Not cheesy like Family Stone, but definitely has it's funny points throughout this family drama. Jack Black is great, and Nicole Kidman really needs a punch in the face in this one. Same director as "The Squid and Whale" which I heard was really good (and is in my Netflix queue). MARGOT AT THE WEDDING http://gloob.tv/movies/margot_wedding_trailer?article=1212
  7. Don't let the title bring you down, it's supposed to be "razor sharp funny" with quick dry wit, etc. Ok, this is one of those indie films with lots of famous people, not too different from "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind," but with more a Little Miss Sunshine feel to it. It's about a kid who kills himself, and ends up in purgatory with a bunch of other misfits that are there for the same thing. Purgatory is like real life but much more bland- no smiling allowed. He finds out his girlfriend commits suicide a month after him, so he goes off in search for her on a roadtrip through the desert. All grown up Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous kid) Will Arnett (Jobe, Arrested Development) Tom Waits (!~!!!!) WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY
  8. I liked it! The animation was great, it was definitely made for the big screen, the animation was more three dimensional, and snce you are watching it on the big screen, everything was more detailed, like a zoom in, but still kept to the style of the TV show. The plot and whatnot were funny, and I didn't feel Simpsoned out at the end. It was good length, and I would even watch another Simpson's movie, should they put out another one.
  9. Here's the trailer, the last link wouldn't pay for me, but I did get to watch a McDonald's commercial. :/ AVP-R TRAILER!!!
  10. a new anime parody, 'Gag Manga Biyori' by Akitaro Daichi. Doesn't the little kid in the sticker remind you of a Japanese Bobby Hill? He even makes the same faces in some of the stickers. The Beavis and Butthead references in the comments are right on, as I was sort of thinking the same thing. eh? See what I mean?
  11. portion control. Cut your meat portions to no more than 3 oz. That's about the size of a deck or cards. Up your veggies, buy produce, and cut back on the cheese, and fried stuff. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio, even going for a walk, a day. Take the stairs, and when looking for parking, park far away. You'll find a spot quicker, and you can use the exercise.
  12. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day!
  13. It's poop cute. The Legend of Mashimaro, the cutest Korean super hero funny bunny. http://gloob.tv/stupid/legend_mashimaro?article=1212
  14. clara

    Polar Bear Scare

    Asian TV never ceases to surprise me. I can't believe people at the zoo let them to do this. I think this little girl will be permanently traumatized. I know I would be too. HUNGRY POLAR BEAR
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