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    Myk JL

    Birds Of Prey

    Finally after 25 years Tank Girl gets a sequel! It's bringing back Jet Girl. And it has a better budget than the original so we might not have to look at fursuiters! Wait, they're still saying that's Harley Quinn?.... The person I'm mistaking for Jet Girl is Huntress?.... I'm pretty certain "Bruce" isn't a fursuiter.
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider last week. Ehh. The combat finally kicked in near the end but overall I wasn't impressed with this game. I've already said my complaints, but the games wasn't all bad. The tombs and exploration is where the game shined. That and the graphics.. the landscape, HDR, lighting effects, etc.. but not the character models. The characters all looked horrible, but damn if the location you were in didn't look stunning. And swimming was done amazingly well, aside from the first swimming location and running out of breath too easily until you get some holding your breath upgrades. Water, swimming and the use of water in tombs was all done exceptionally well. The extra challenge tombs that come with the complete edition didn't appeal to me as much as I thought they would. Mostly because they can be played with multiple players with matchmaking because they are designed to be either played solo or with an extra player. Theres also an online scoreboard for timed runs. Because of this design choice the extra challenge tombs aren't really exploration based and I didn't see any artifacts or anything like that to interact with. Overall it was an ok game, but my expectations were definitely way to high after playing the first two over the past couple years which caused my enjoyments issues. The first two games definitely excelled in combat, whereas this one focused more on puzzle solving with tombs. Just seemed so off putting to do such a drastic shift. Oh, and the ending sucked IMO.
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    We got this game free with PS+ membership a while back and I played it this last week. The game was originally released on PS3 back in 2013. 3 years later Stranger Things season 1 came out on netflix. I make that reference because Stranger Things is a blatant rip off of this game. The trailer shows Jodie and Aiden, the soul/entity attached to her.. and she has psychic powers. Based off the trailer alone it doesn't look anything like stranger things, but the game is all over the place in her timeline and you see her story from childhood to full adult. The more I played I thought to myself, wow that is so much like Eleven from Stranger Things.. but when exact scenes from stranger things started happening... repeatedly... I couldn't help but notice it can't be just a coincidence. Aside from exact scenes with different sets, the overall theme was the same. Government doing tests on a psychic kid, government running a secret facility to open a portal to another dimension, Jodie aka Eleven having to close said portal. When Jodie overexerts herself she gets a nosebleed and is weakened. But instead of a sheriff father figure its a scientist, still a strong father figure. The only thing stranger things did that was unique was throw a bunch of kids into this character's life so it wouldn't be nearly so dark and then made it cheery and funny, once again to not make the story so dark. I could go on, but I don't want to ruin the game, which by the way was great. It was like a full interactive movie mostly run with QTE inputs which sounds boring but its not. There is plenty of walking around, running, exploring and even combat. Using psychic powers to kill people was quite enjoyable as well. I'm sure there are some youtube videos showing all the comparisons. My guess is Netflix paid this game developer/publisher money for movie/tv rights under the table with a clause that the game wouldn't be referenced as source material. If not I don't see how in the hell the game company hasn't filed a lawsuit. Direct scenes happen, multiple times, like almost shot for shot that occurred 3 years later in stranger things. When I got to the end of the game and saw scenes that took place in season 2 of stranger things theres no doubt in my mind this was the source material. It really opens my eyes as to how unoriginal Stranger Things actually is and I'm sad this game didn't get nearly as much publicity for being as good as it was back during its release. If you got this free with PS+ or can get it cheap, I think its on PC now, I recommend playing it. If the next season of stranger things is a time skip and Eleven ended up joining the CIA.. well, play this game to find out what happens!
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    Imitation is the sincerest of flattery. Pretty much every movie/tv series with a definite start and end is a rip off of something. It's just in the past its normally been of obscure things. Anime was a huge source of this in the 80s and 90s before it exploded over here. They could still get away with it probably. Normally things that were getting ripped off were obscure comics, books, short stories. etc. Pretty bold to rip a game, but the producers and directors are probably boomers that think not a lot of people play games.
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    Myk JL

    YT thread

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