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What mangas do you have in your collection and what mangas do you recommend?

we have a small assortment of inuyasha, mike has some yu yu hakusho and yugioh books and morgan has some fruits basket, card captors and an angelic layer book. i don't have anything to really recommend, if anything i'm looking for some recommendations. what mangas should i read for some good plot and action? are the battle angel/gunnm mangas good? how about rave master or naruto?


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lets see here....

Gundam Wing (all the offical manga, Endless Waltz, and various doujinshi)

Trigun and working on Trigun Maximum

#1-4 of Get Backers

#1-3 of DNAngel

#1 of Yami no Matsuei

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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i really dont feel like listing....i have a good amount



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Nadesico 1-4

Love Hina 1-14

Chobits 1-8

Angelic Layer 1-5

Onegai Teacher 1-2 + Novel

AzuManga Daioh! 1-4

Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-4

Escaflowne 1-3

Rurouni Kenshin 1

Trigun 1-2

Trigun Maximum 1

MegaTokyo 1-2

Thats my small collection excluding all the Shonen Jumps and dled manga that I have (do note that alot of series are imcomplete, my manga funding died recently so I haven't really boughten any in the last 6 months or so). I recommend mend it all.


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I have a few

Fruits Basket 1&2

Magic Knight Rayearth 2, 4-6

Sailor Moon Stars 1&3

Ceres 1-5

Card Captor Sakura 1

Sorcerer Hunters 1&2, 7, 9-13

Fushigi Yugi 5&6

Pretear 1

Saiyuki 2&3

Recommendations, I am not sure what would interest you. Sorcerer Hunters is an adult series because of the nudity in it, the only nudity is a lot of breasts if you seen the anime it has alot more. Saiyuki is rather interesting the anime seems to follow the manga rather well.

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Fruits Basket 1-3 (Not action, but still a great manga)

Mars 1-6 (Great Shojo story)^_^;

Pretear 1

Onegai Teacher 1-2

Suki 1-3

Vampire Game 1 (Great Action/ Comedy/ Romance type story)

Chobits 1-2

One Piece 1

Love Hina 1-14

Azumanga Daioh 1-4 :happy: :happy:

Boys Over Flowers 1

DNAngel 1

Galaxy Angel 1

Tenchi Muyo 1-3

Cowboy Bebop 1-3

Mink 1 ( I bought this for my little sister and ended up reading it first)^_^;

Kill Me, Kiss me 1

Angel Dust 1

Chrono Crusade 1

Alice 19th 1-2

The World of Narue 1-2

Heee, I think that's it. ^_^;:drool:

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Love Hina 1-14

Negima 1-7+, in progress

MAR 1-6+, in progress

Air Gear 1-2+, in progress

Fire Candy 1+, in progress

Yakitate Japan 1-8+, in progress

Naruto chapters 1-210+, in progress

Lucu Lucu 1-2, unable to find more X'D >.<

AMG: Terrible Master Urd 1-6

Midori no Hibi 1-6, in progress

DNA^2, 1-5

Battle Angel 1, i stopped :P

Battle Angel: Last Order 1-2, can't find any more

Shikotama 1

Tsukihime chapters 1-3, i stopped

Real manga:

Excel Saga 1

Negima 1-2+, in progress

i have a tight budget ok?? >.<


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Naruto 1-? (fix later)

One Piece 1-3

FLCL (all)

Shamen King 1-? (fix later)

Sand Land (all)

Yugioh ?? (fix later)

YYH ?? (fix later)

Hikaru no Go ?? (fix later)

DBZ (various)

That is about the extent of it, so far...I'll be getting CB, OLS, s-Cry-ed, and some others...Christmas is useful... :evil:

"There's no such thing as can't. You always have a choice."--Ken Gor, Ying hung boon sik II


Thank you to everyone who has ever made me sigs, you are all wonderful!

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Let's see, well Inuyasha, the original manga, not the anime related one.

Tsubasa 1-16, haven't gotten 17 yet.

Naruto 1-28

Fruits Basket 1-17

Loveless 1-7

Full Metal Alchemist 1-19

and the novels for FMA

Full Metal Panic novels

Phantom vol. 1-Just released here, can't find it anywhere else either so I have to wait for the next one. Phantom is a good story and the main character kind of looks like Cloud from FFVII.

Secret Agent Luna vol.1-A friend got it at an anime convention that I was gone and couldn't go to. It's okay but a chick based manga. Ehh gave me something to read.

Twelve Kingdoms-only the first one because the others haven't exactly been released yet.

Don't expect too much. I change my mind a lot.

Don't keep making me repeat myself! It's not good for my health!

-Duo Maxwell

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