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  1. bet you feel salty cuz it plays completely in 2d.
  2. I have lots of shit i could say to you but i can also have a whole forum do it for me. I'd love to see you make this statement over at shoryuken.com and see how long you would last trying to defend your point.
  3. no, just no. Games do no have to be 50-60 dollars, they could definately make it a budget title. ALSO i'll be damn pissed if this didnt get an arcade release before a Console release. It was a mistake with Soulcaliber 3 and it will always be a mistake. @ DeathSX: 3rd strike is one of teh most play and hyped games at fighting game tournaments in recent times and has been for quite some time. In japan it has been even longer. Americans just didnt like it cuz they put all new characters in and it didnt play like super turbo. Americans just don't like change and it's sad because the missed out on a few years of competitive play at 3rd strike setting their skill levels way behind japans and just now we are catching up. Mortal combat being successful has nothing to do with it being a good game, it has to do with name recognition and gore, no one who plays at any level higher then casually takes those games seriously, there is a lack of balence and too many game breaking glitches. BTW Guilty Gear Accent Core (an amazing 2d fighter) just got release don ps2 as well as King of Fighter 11, plus many more snk games. Guilty Gear is also coming out for Wii which seems to be the new home of 2d fighters. Hori is releasing an arcade style controller for the wii for just this purpose. @ Everyone: there is still a scene for 2d fighters don't count them out yet, they are still strong in Japan (2d fighters come out all the time) through fan participation (fan made fighters made by dedicated circle, like doujinji cricles) , and professionally released fighters (Guilty Gear, Arcana Heart, Sengoku Basara X...SNK). The reason they are os scarce in america is due to 2 factors. 1. The decline of arcades due to online gaming 2. and Strict blocks by sony on releasing 2d fighters for the ps2 (because none of them really came out on xbox or GC in japan)
  4. Caine

    warhammer OL beta

    Well seeing as warcraft is just a lame copy of warhammer, and starcraft is of warhammer 40k i dont think that this is really a problem lol
  5. Nakama 1 audio cd program CD2 Chapter 3
  6. I play at school, we have our own server, it runs really nice. It's like [DeFrag] something or another, when I get more info I'll post, I''m ususally playing on there tuesdays and thrusdays, sometimes fridays. Im: Cain[e]
  7. well I think the "hardcore" fans should actually be pleased with this, this delay only means that they have more time to work harder on refining the game play to please every, ecspecially the hardcore fans. Would you want an unbalcened mess of a game where it's only fun to play 4 characters out of a huge roster (marvel vs capcom 2 im looking at you...) I don't think so. So everyone hold your horses and wait for your precious party game to arrive. Just save your x-mas card money or something
  8. Five, Seven, Tactics, Ten, and a Couple Game Boy ones....errrr...Erghiez
  9. I've seen so much anime I don't really even need to watch it anymore, i can hear the title of an anime, and guess whats gunna happen
  10. and it really doesnt matter the resolution of the monitor, but really the resolution of the game and limits of the system, and really ps2 doesnt really have much in the way of uber res stuff, i think most commonly the game run at 480dpi
  11. Caine

    Sharingan Vs Byakugan

    Byakugan all the way, it can see through allt he genjutsu that sharingan throws at it
  12. Caine


    no double topic pasta D:
  13. AC is like sledg's project car isnt it? always throwing new things in it to make it run faster and such? and prettier..cant forget prettier
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