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    Some of you may remember me, it's been a while since I last was active here. But I felt this would be the best place to ask this question: I was wondering how all of you do your commissions. How do work out pricing, paying and ever other things. I have never done any thing of the nature and would like to know how to get started. I was also looking into it as a way of doing self employment or at least adding to my current income. I have many creative talents, I have found out many of them through trial and error, and would like to make money doing what I love doing. I have read and have a couple of books on self-employment and working with your fandoms, but need some practice information on some of it. Any help is useful and I welcome any ideas. Thanks in advance for all your time. Sorry if this should be put somewhere else but it seemed fitting since it was about art.
  2. Skytiger

    Boobquake this Monday

    I might be working that day but I will wear something to and from work to go along with this. I have always found those kind of comments to be irritating, but if we are to blame then let's take responsibility and really shake things up, right.
  3. Skytiger

    Character names

    For me I use a directory of baby name meanings put in the words that best describe the character and see what it gives me. In many case I will take two, or more, names and put them together to make a new name. I also will use obscure names from around the world.
  4. Skytiger

    What got you into anime

    I watched all those cartoons when I was little. I remmeber coming home everyday after school to watch Thundercats and Transformers. My brother and I watched Silverhawks, Voltron and a bunch of others everyday and every Saturday. I remember watching Nazicaa when it was called Warroirs of the Wind. I had trouble understanding it, even as I got older and watched it I was confused. Of course with the release of Nasicaa I realized why it made no sense. How I realized i was watching Japanese cartoons and not American ones was the Friday night Anime fests on Sci-Fi channel. I think it bothered my grandmother, I was living with her at the time. I found an anime as my grandmother and I where switching satilites to find something interesting, it appeared on a Spanish channel. So obssesed was I in anime that I watched it every afternoon even though I could only understand a little of what they were saying. Let's just say my obession led to addicting others to anime at least two of my friends can thank me for that. One had seen VHD on HBO and thought it was cool, of course I just happened to have a taped version of it when they showed it on Sci-Fi.
  5. Skytiger

    doodle doodle sketch

    They're rather adorable. They make me think of The Nightmare Before Christmas. You could make them into stuffies, they appear to be designed about like one.
  6. Skytiger

    Microsoft Word

    I have turned off my spell checker, most of the new words I have put into mine are names. I like making up my own names, because I can make my own meanings for them. Of course writing fan fiction also means adding names and sometimes words to the database. I didn't realize that you could fill the word database. As for gammer check I had it on but I have gotten use to my common mistakes that it rarely gets used.
  7. Skytiger

    Inspiration of the moment

    I usually get inspired by my dreams. I have some of the most off-the-wall dreams. In fact most of my stories that I have come up with in my life have been inspired by my dreams. I really need to find a place to put my stories.
  8. Skytiger

    What book are you currently reading?

    I have read two of the trilogies for Star Wars. I can't really remember which ones though. I also started reading the ones that focused more on teh twins as well. My parents had the original Star Wars trilogy books and the books that were about the early years of Hans' pirating career. I never got a chance to read those though. Maybe I should see if my parents still have those books...
  9. Skytiger

    What book are you currently reading?

    I am going to be finishing Calling on Dragons by Patrice C. Wrede then I will be starting Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. I tend to prefer Fantasy novels to anything else, but I have been known to read Sci-fi every now and then.
  10. Skytiger

    Who are you?

    You are KAKASHI! Mature. Balanced. Quirky. You're not what people would call a "black sheep" but at the same time, you aren't quite normal. With a subtle sense of humor and a slightly less than subtle way of teaching people a lesson, one thing is for sure: no one can wait to see your whole face.
  11. Skytiger

    Hunter X Hunter

    I have watched the entire series and am collecting the manga for it now. I really liked it, in fact my oldest son watched it over my shoulder and he said that when it finally comes out in english he will be more than happy to watch it. It is a really fun series and I have heard that they may be making more, I really hope so because there is still a lot more that they can do.
  12. Skytiger


    Here are some pictures of their alter form armor style.
  13. Skytiger

    Need an image

    I am lookin g for just the right image to help me with a drawing. I need a character that shows both sexy and evil in the same image. I am working on drawing some charcters for my stories and this is stumping me on what he should look like. I have a few images but I can't seem to find anythign that is both evil and sexy. The closest I have is a fan-art of Sesshomaru, but it's not quite what I was looking for. Can any one think of an anime character or game charater to help me out? Thanks in advance.
  14. Skytiger

    DN angel

    I have some of the mangas, but with money tight I had to make some sacrifices. I am currently watching the series and I and the my boys really like it. Ok the oldest one runs from the room during certain moments but what would you expect from a boy that's nearly 9 years old. Other than the "scary parts", that's what he calls them, he really likes watching it. I started watching it because it is by the same auther that does Candidate for Goddess. I really liked watching it and thought I would give this series a try because I heard more about it than CfG. Happy reading/watching.
  15. Skytiger

    Need an image

    I don't understand the link works for me... You could always just go to http://skytiger.deviantart.com/and look under scraps, or wait about a week and I will color him and put him up as a deviation.
  16. Skytiger

    Need an image

    I finished the sketch for the character. You can find him here http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/22148017/I will work on coloring him with in the next week or so. I spent all afternoon drawing him, then when my husband got home I asked for him to take a look and give me a quick critique. So, I ended up spending a few more hours getting him more perportional and finally I ended up with this. So how does he look? And yes I know he is missing a hand, that is one of those things I really hate drawing because I can never get them right. I'm feeling really creative so more images are bond to show up. *giggle*
  17. Skytiger

    Need an image

    I have that picture of Tasuki and a few other that are similar. I wish I could figure out how to put up images on this thing. I know I can't put up attachments but I should be able to put up a picture. Oh well, I started work on him last night, I am hoping to have a rough sketch of him by the weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  18. Skytiger

    which language?

    The English voice actor for Shigure is the same person that does Kurama. I think he does a rather good job. Of course I am trying to remeber the Japanse voice but it's been a while since I watched it subbed.
  19. Skytiger

    Need an image

    I was thinking Kuja but I could not find a picture of him. I did think of another person last night, Seymour FFX, but again I could not find a picture of him. As for Knives... same problem again, I could use Legato though plenty of him. I was looking for was a picture to help me draw what I see in my mind. I want to get the body form right. I guess I will need to go with a defalt idea. Oh, that picture was just wrong, I will have nightmares about it from now on, well that and all the males I have seen in female character clothing. Those are truly scary.
  20. Skytiger

    which language?

    I tend to watch both. I watch english with my children, they really can not read that fast for sub titles, and then after they go to bed I tend to watch them in japanese. Although for my husband he gets set by the first time he watches the anime. So if I were to rent, or purchase, Saiyuki he would only find the Japanese sounds right to him but for Inu Yasha he has only seen it in English so that is what is going to sound better to him. For me, when I think about the series, I will pick and chose the voice that sounds right to me, in some cases both sound really good and there really isn;t a difference in my mind.
  21. Skytiger

    Ronin Warriors

    I just finished watching all 12 disks to this series. I really loved it, I never got a chance to watch it on CN or when it original aired on regular TV. My favorite Ronin is Cye (Shin), I also like Rowen(Touma).
  22. Skytiger

    4kids editing

    When it comes to words that have an "L" sound or an "R" the only way to be sure is to see how the Japanse right in English, forgot the term. When they say the words the L and the R take a similar sound. I have seen where people make the same comment about Lina Inverse, they say it's Rina. But seeing as how it is seen written in the anime, unedited, then it is a safe bet that it is Zoro. I must be really tired. That made almost no sense.
  23. Skytiger

    A little help please...

    I have no idea about the answer to the first question. But for the second question: Youkai is a term used for all the "demons". It actually means animal spirit but then you get to the American sensors and it changes to demons in general. Sorry I could not help with the other I do know that either Inu Or Yasha means dog in Japanese. I hope that helps some.
  24. Skytiger

    Beautiful Anime Boys

    Actually for me bishi is short for any of the words that mean beautiful person, that would include bishonen, bishjojo, bishinen (beautiful man) and that's all I can remember right now. I think I misspelled one or two of those, it's been a while since I wrote them out.
  25. Skytiger

    Background noise

    I like having the radio on wether it is from the computer or a local station. If I listen to a CD it depends on the mood I am in when I start. I have a few anime CDs that I listen to and I listen to a anime station on the computer, otherwise I like some of the nature sounds, rain and thunder are my favorite.