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    I'm a college girl. ^_^
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    anime, writing, chatting on the computer
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    seller of hopes and dreams
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    FMA, DBZ, Inu Yasha.....
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    Zelda, any and all
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    anything by John Saul
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  1. That was different...kind of catchy. Damn it! I better not have that song stuck in my head now!
  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! *eats cake*
  3. I think I have that game....*looks at game shelf*....yup, there it is *points*...I never really got into playing it though. Is it really so good that I should consider putting it on my computer and playing it all night and ignoring my homework?
  4. Well that's just crazyness....I love the original. I hope they don't screw it up.
  5. I was wondering about that. It seems to be my luck that I start watching a series and there is only one dvd...the others have yet to come out. But I will endevour to watch this one. It looks good.
  6. *finds the gas* WOOHOOO!!!!! :w00t:
  7. I just bought this anime the other day mainly because I liked the front cover picture and the story sounds interesting. Has anyone ever seen it?
  8. Are they making a remake of Hellraiser?!?
  9. Well it's nice to be back. It's been an insane and crazy few months. Not only was I at school full time taking such fun courses as Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Business Leadership, Operations Management, and Statistics...but I was also working a lot. Plus...in August my dad passed away, in September my boss passed away, and in October one of my mom's really good friends (who I really liked) passed away.
  10. Welcome to the insanity known as the AC.
  11. I saw that they were finally making a live action DBZ movie. I don't know how any of the people will work...I mean they have that guy from Buffy playing Picollo...should be interesting. I wonder who they will have playing Krillin.....or Vegeta (if they have him in the movie which they better). I'm still going to watch it when it comes to theaters.
  12. I really love Tsubasa so far. I am only on volume 13 so far but it's good. I love when Fai keeps calling Kuragane "daddy".
  13. I just saw this online. August 15th, 2008....in theatres. Anyone going to see it?
  14. Princess Tasha


    Yup...it would appear that I'm back (though right now I'm at school). WELCOME ME BACK!!!!!!! please?
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