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  1. it's an anime wrapped in humor, it's also kind of inspiring too
  2. i'm not sure there's a movie based off of it, though i do think i remeber reading a refrence to it being either an anime or a movie in Japan
  3. i think the anime is extremely awesome, though it could get kind of confusing if you watch it nonstop, all the lessons and meanings started to get blurred for me after a while, still i love the characters, also i found the conflicts fairly relative, and not too over the top. I'm concerned over whether there song for i believe the second intro was really "punk" (I wanna need your love...I'm like a broken rose) I think both Nana are interesting, and i like them together
  4. i dunno, i think most of there show listings are pg, and i think they favor a certain animation style, but i suppose you can't have shows that would be too intense on a tv channel. It would be interesting if they had tribut months, to play certain movies, still I like the idea of being able to have a dedicated anime channel
  5. seeing is still feeling
  6. try writting what you see insted of what you know as the ideal image of alone
  7. what do you see when you hear the word alone? do you see a moon? do you see a person wondering the same thing as you? do you see darkness? do you see light? I see mist what do you see?
  8. Dark Reminder of You I'll be better of without you now You changed a lot when you went to her Everything is a dark reminder of you Everything. ^ it seemed like your poem started like the first line and clearly representing that then suddenly changed at the last moment to a different view. I would like to hear more on that view Remember i like this one it seems simple but i cant shake of the feeling that theres more... Goodbye i think you should spice this one up a bit more A Broken Heart ditto i like how you ask youself questions in your writting its kind of becoming your signature but i would like to see you branch out from that work as well
  9. this one is similar to you other one but carries in a different direction i think you used die to much in the begining and i was kind of seeing a different ending you shouldn't use that many as' it takes away from the effect this is my favorite line i can see it, and i think i represents your poem well
  10. Honeybee

    My poems

    please do ^ ^ i look forward to hearing them
  11. My mind is urging me to go somewhere ^ that was the strongest line in your first poem it drives completly mad, because its such a burning notion that you cant regect that can run you up the wall. because while you wish for it to leave it will stay binding you almost crushing you driving you into a panic because you can not answer it it has to die away and it devors you slowly do you really live near a forest of some sort that you wander in?
  12. nice ending i kind of wanted more discription but in the same time not because while the imagery was jumbled in my mind one of the many messages i found in that poem was clear and cold
  13. Honeybee


    ...well we both have very different views on the rain i think its almost comforting you think of it as depressing comments dont look if you dont want:
  14. i really like the opening theme song sonic! *hum hum hum!*
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