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  1. Restarted your computer yet? That tends to solve a lot of annoying little software glitches.
  2. Audacity. Use Audacity. Totally free, and it's one of the best audio editing programs around. It can do what you wanted and a lot more...
  3. I am still utterly baffled as to why The DaVinci Code is the more popular of the two books. Angels and Demons was far more enjoyable, in my opinion.
  4. All I'm going to say is that I used to think Linkin Park was the best musical group ever formed. Nowadays, my opinion on them is quite the opposite. You can draw your own conclusions from that.
  5. We had to do something like this for school a few weeks ago.
  6. I hate them. I hate them so much. Never before has anyone taken the most polar-opposite genres in existence, and tried to mix them, resulting in the most ridiculous sound waves that have ever been called "music."
  7. Now let's not turn this into a political debate. Whether or not you agree with the message these guys are trying to get heard, you have to agree this isn't something you see everyday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o762HKxYMeA&search=Bush%20Was%20Right I thought it was quite a catchy song, myself.
  8. So there's a lot of bands like this? Whoa.
  9. Er, I wasn't being sarcastic. I'm not trying to start an argument here.
  10. Yeah. I know. Why wouldn't you?
  11. Well, it's counted as an armored MOS at least, even if you're not actually using armor all the time.
  12. Ooh, Armored. Nice stuff!
  13. What's your MOS going to be, FM?
  14. Everyonce in a while I get the urge to read some fanfiction. Last week I loaded up fanfiction.net, decided to go to the Yu Yu Hakusho section, and most definetely did NOT find the sort of stories I was looking for. Instead, I was bombarded with all sorts of horribly written travesties. Now, the fact that they were so badly written wasn't the worst part, no, that had to be the plots of many of these fics. What, might I ask, is so exciting about taking characters so far out of their original personalities that it becomes ridiculous. For once, could I please read a fic that does not involve Yusuke (as a vampire of course) in a Yaoi relationship with Kurama, slitting his wrists, cruising around hell torturing women and being totally XTREME, interspersed with lyrics from some terrible emo song. And the authors for these things are usually people with names like xXhardk0r3batgirlgothmeister242424712184Xx. Whatever happened to good old adventure fics? Or, if you really want to do a romance one, writing about relationships like Yusuke and Keiko, or Kuwabara and Yukina? Why is that such a problem. Sure, people can get creative, but these fics usually twist the stories of their respective source material so much that it doesn't feel like you're reading about what the fic was based on anymore. (I used Yu Yu Hakusho for these examples.) So people, when writing fanfics, please remember that you aren't always being cool and creative when you write a story about Ash Ketchum raping Misty, killing Brock, slaughtering all his pokemon, and then crusing around Pallet Town on a motorcycle shooting up anyone who messes with him. Please.
  15. I had sex with with the tape measurer because I like chocolate. X'D
  16. Only movie that succeeded in making me cry. Ever. It's an anime film about a 12 year old japanese boy and his 4 year old sister trying to survive in the late days of World War 2. Excellent excellent EXCELLENT. I've never seen such haunting animation quality. Everyone needs to see this film.
  17. An Idle, Retarded Force Of Ridiculously Chubby Elephant-people
  18. I don't know about acronyms, but I always liked Chair Force. X'D
  19. That's sort of the point. But really, he was just a kid, and he didn't know much better. He just wanted to take care of his sister.
  20. Except... none of the characters in FF7 were asian. Except perhaps Yuffie. But yeah, I haven't seen the movie yet. I wanna though. I should download it.
  21. X'D Are you also admitting to knowing who she is?
  22. Sayoko is the hottest character ever. Period.
  23. X'D The little people you drew crack me up.
  24. Did you even play FFX? You don't own a PS2. I though FFX was great, except for Blitzball. The characters were cool... especially Wakka. Wakka is a pimp.