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  1. You're so lucky that his mom likes you, my bf's mom is cool sometimes, but other times she hates my guts. btw, those snickerdoodles you were talking about, is that the one with the cinnamon and sugar on the outside?
  2. damn, you really can't hold your alcohol can you? What did you drink, moonshine or something? Well, at this point I'm desperate, so shoot.
  3. I LOVE THAT IDEA!! Except I asume you're saying that because I'll puke it all up? Well I don't normally puke and I've been pretty wasted before. Plus I read that you should stay away from alcohol when you're on a diet, too many calories or something. Well, like I said for a while there it was going really bad so I pretty much said screw it and ate whatever I wanted. And wow, you would not believe the difference there was, I felt like somebody inflated my stomache with air! So I've been cutting back on my meals, swimming more and walking or jogging almost every night. I don't seem to be losing waight (I don't actually own a scale) but I'm not gaining any either.
  4. Congrats! Sounds like a lot of meaning behind the ring, very sweet! LOL second date huh? My mom and dad got married after like three months of knowing each other. lol and they call me irresponsible!
  5. Thanks guys! Nah, I didn't do anything today but a few friends said happy birthday, atleast they didn't forget. My parents might get me something though, dunno.
  6. Well a little update on how my diet is going. NOT GOOD AT ALL! I was doing alright for a while there, but then there's just some days that I get moodswings and I eat something I shouldn't and then it ruins eveyrhting I've been doing all week and I'm too lazy to jog off 500 calories. There are some days that I do really good, two meals a day and maybe a snack. Keeps my calories down and alot easier for me to work it all off, but I always seam to slip up and it's really starting to piss me off. *sigh* only 375 days until I can move out.
  7. Jeez, it's pathetic how much they can charge you to fix shit on your car. My bf had his car put in to have the transmission fixed or replaced or whatever. Well it cost him about 1000 and it was in for atleast three weeks and when he got it back the back seat was all tore up. So needless to say these places are all just a pain in the ass.
  8. LOL well good to hear you're not dead. I don't actually trip much thankfully, but if you put me on a bike I won't last for 5 minutes. I thought I learned how to ride a bike when I was 12, but I think my feet just like the ground more than the peddles and their way of tell me that is throwing me into the rocks. >_>
  9. hey I liked it I don't normally read fanfic, but it looks cute so far. can't wait to read the next.
  10. yeah, that does sound pretty simple. I really want to run, but I dunno where I should. I mean I live in the city, I use to live next to a park where I could run, but now I dunno where to go. I could just run around the block a few times I suppose, but I wish I had an mp3 player, I'd be a lot more motivated. guess I shouldn't have given my ipod away.
  11. lol but GG, I don't want a good body, I just wanna look hot in a bathing suit. ;P I dunno, sometimes I think it'd be okay if I just stay this size, but on the other hand that's just giving up.
  12. Yeah I guess that does sound pretty easy. I don't normally drink that much soda though. lol like my parents got a 12 pack of mountain dew the other day, and I admit I drank like two, but normally they only buy pepsi, and I don't like it at all, so normally I drink arizona tea or water. For me it's much easier to not eat so much when my mom buys stuff I don't like. I wanted her to buy carrots and such this last time she went shopping, but like usual it got passed up for more unhealthy things. If I could just keep myself busy, I could go almost all day without being hungry because I'm not thinking about it. *sigh* great, now I need a hobbie ontop of all this.
  13. Okay, I'm not normally the one to say this, but it's that like super unhealthy? I mean for starters, doesn't your body need the protein or whatever, and can't drinking just water kill you? Or something, I heard once on the radio that they were having like a drinking (water) contest, and like some girl died after drinking so much. I could be totally wrong, and if I am, I might just try that. I dunno, I'd rather nto give my parents a huge medical bill, they might not send me to tucson.
  14. saiel, that'll probably be the hardest part for me. I always feel better when I feel hungry, as weird as it sounds. I guess cause when I do eat, I feel like I shouldn't have had so much or should have waited long to eat. but I guess if it'll make it easier to burn calories, then I'll try. Well, I guess that whole snack diet does sound pretty good. Sometimes I'll try to cut down how much I eat, or how many times I eat a day, like lately, I'll have a late breakfast (usually a couple pancakes with butter) and some dinner around 5pm. But then I feel hungry (probably because I'm bored) around 11pm, a bit before bedtime. So I have a snack, which usally doesn't end up being healthy. So I think the best thing to do now is get a lot of fruit and veggies in the house, and less cookies. And then the only hard part should be the work outs. Thanks, I'll keep all the advice in mind. I know how you feel kelen, I do the same. '
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