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  1. 1. Myk JL you should pick your words more carefully and maybe people wouldn't get upset about it. Because the fact that you don't know that i'm the type of person to get mad at a BOOK so yeah....words careful 2. My point that i was TRYING to make that none of you caught was population does affect economy. But everyone over looked that connection to abortion and jumped on me and my ideas, which is my way of contributing. Maybe that wasn't phrased right but that's just how I feel I could say the same thing to a group of people and get jumped on 3. When you raise minimum raise price of CERTAIN luxuries go up there's no win win i just give up. I'm going back in the closet literally and live in there until i think the situation is livable i just hate politics and i'm no longer posting my opinions on them and stick to the little topics to post on k thanks
  2. that just has 3some written all over it and you 3 were caught in the act >_> .....nvm D: i want corset! I'd stuff to make it work! *feels up my chest* ;-;
  3. ew i thought there'd be some violence but that's another love story meh it'd probably be a good love story if there was something destructive going on bah!
  4. by um.....oh idk DESTROYING my idea and taking it and twisting it around you're basically saying there's no way to fix any issue. Negitivity always infests something and twists the positive prospective around thus creating no solution less people = more jobs = more money = greed & gluttony = more money for buisnesses = constant raise in jobs and higher minimum wage = population rise = stable economy for a life time before some stupid person comes along and destroys it there happy? threw some negative in with the positive there's no way of winning, might as well move into the forest and live off plants and die a painful diseased death from the lack of sanitation and medication and poor diet! Okay thanks for destroying my life that i set up for myself now that there's no way of getting better I think i'll just except the fact that i wont live to see 30! *fluffs* this is why i dont like politics, always makes me agressive in some way ._. or enraged or something *-*
  5. woah "missile happy" <---- what's that about, I'm a picky reader *twirls*
  6. that's basically how you help the economy by lowering the birth rate, especially if it's unwanted. More people = more mouthes to feed on a tight pay check = less things able to buy = more people out of the job because their buisness isn't doing well and can't play the empoyees = well you obviously see where this is going Porbably just kill all the people who can't help themselves like people in comas for more than a year and donate their organs to people who need it. Viola! Another issue solved *nods nods*
  7. I love how that old dude messed up that one part and Obama was like <.< 'that's not right' in his head
  8. Well it is white.......nvm Anyways the reason Clinton didn't get in because they wanted to break the chan of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. Because 2 families can't switch power back and forth without it looking like a monarchy of some kind. ....that's what my history teacher said but idr how she worded it but i tried my best and kinda see her point But anyways tomorrow I have school and I'm sure the black people will be actin buck wild up in the hallways the way they did when Obama won. But I got Billy (my violin with his hard case) to protect me if I feel intimidated *doesn't do well in crowds*
  9. The school was planning to let us watch the inauguration all through third block and lunch but the canceled school for a 60% chance of snow and like I told everyone yesturday "it isn't going to snow" so I guess I'll watch it at home if I don't get distracted
  10. LOL *gag* that cupcake still looks good though, makes me want to make some. Despite the visuals I have witnessed
  11. Moon Doggie


    moon doggie & friend LOL @ that *-* too early to form coherent sentences, that made my morning
  12. *tackles Cabbit* happy birthday you're ancient now *wheels in your wheel chair* i hope you enjoy it
  13. ROTFLMAO when it falls off the piano!
  14. I probably wouldn't have the brain power to make it move ;-;
  15. I got a digicamera =o *starts singing the digimon song* though i have yet to figure out how to work it at this time *reads manual till my eyes bleed* and tomorrow i get to go shopping for my bass guitar since i'm a "picky child" and i know what color and model i want it to be <.< thank goodness this day is over with. I drank a glass of eggnog and then passed out on the couch under some wrapping paper after all gifts were open and my mom, sister, neice, nephew, and rude senile grandmother left. apparently i looked like a homeless person that had wandered inside and taken residentcy
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