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    From the album: FFXIV

    I love how this game has multiple poses for many of its idle emotes.
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    I miss sexy stretch. lol.
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    Strider Hiryu

    Alita: Battle Angel

    *reviving a dead topic again (I'm good at this)* So I finally got around to watching the movie tonight (I really like the idea of renting movies off of PSN). Honestly it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and that CGI is fucking amazing (better then Ghost in the Shell's which I honestly didn't think was possible and those fucking battle scenes were awesome). Rosa Salazar did an amazing job bringing Alita to life and I have to give props for that as I didn't think any actress would be able to do so (her CGI was a lot better than the trailers showed though she is still in the uncanny valley for me (her look didn't throw me off or anything but I think a lot of the other Cyborgs looked a lot better than her and much more believable)). Now you're wondering, what do they do wrong Strider as someone who has read the source material (currently in the middle of re-reading it since I bought the Deluxe Edition Hardcover set that was recently released)? I'm not going to nitpick this to death like I did Ghost in the Shell as it will be a lot of spoilers for the source material and I suggest going and reading it if you can. I will say that they re-wrote a lot and took way too many artistic liberties when adapting this but it works for the film as it's telling it's own story not the original's (and it's obvious Cameron is a fan of the manga as he took great pains to adapt it in his own loving way). They changed a lot of characters names, changed a lot of scenes from the manga to make this work, threw Motorball in only as a means to an end (this was my biggest disappointment of the whole movie, we finally get a chance to see an adaptation of Motorball and they do a piss poor job of it and fucking make Jashugan look like a fucking punk (he's a fucking badass in the manga and is the fucking Grand Champion of Motorball)), changed a lot of Hugo's back story and story in general, and added in characters that didn't even exist in the manga (and changed quite a bit about Ido but god damn did they pick a perfect actor to portray him). If you want a full list of all the changes and aren't afraid of spoilers since you have no plans on reading the source (what the hell is wrong with you? go read it and if you need me too I'll send you my scanlations discreetly) let me know and I'll go into full detail about all the changes. Overall a solid 6.5/10 mostly for Rosa's portrayal of Alita, Christoph Waltz's Ido (god damn did he do a good job), and the fucking amazing CGI. Soundtrack wasn't too bad as well.

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