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  1. MadHatter

    who do you hate?

    I dislike them because they are all boring you see, and I dislike the show. I left Kagome out because she was one of the only things Takahashi has ever done right. She is an amazing representation of a REAL girl living in Japan. She reacts to things just as a regular girl would. Her personallity and development are very strong, and she in turn is a strong and wonderful character.
  2. He has been called that yes, here is a picture. http://www.members.tripod.com/inuu_ch4n/69musou3.jpg I found him to be the most complex character in Inuyasha
  3. Musou is an Inuyasha character, that incarnation of Naraku.
  4. MadHatter

    who do you hate?

    I have every right to..for I am right
  5. Yes yes, I will translate Hagaren=Full Metal Alchemist OMG EDO IZ SO HAWT=n00b fangirl language Edo=Japanese "Ed" name Gaia=giant anime forum
  6. MadHatter

    Fav couple?

    MusouXYura is the greatest couple EVER
  7. Musou..Musou is god...
  8. MadHatter

    who do you hate?

    Inuyasha-The flat, boring, ugly dog bitch that doesn't have an inch of development through the series Kikyou-The pessimistic "its all about me and how sad I am" girl. I'd like to rip her tounge out and shut her up once and for all Kouga-Talk about an original character. I cal him Inuyasha in a wolf suit..they are the exact same character! Miroku-Another one of the most original characters I have ever seen! How many other spontanious perverts are there in anime/manga:obvious sarcasum:. Naraku-An awful villian. None of his actions have reason, and all villians need a reason. I just can't stand it when villians are made that wake up one day and decide to take over the world... Kagura-All she was functional for besides saving Kohaku was asking stupid questions about Naraku "Ohh, why is that happening", "could it be that..." Sango-Shes just boring(and selfish). Does this girl even have a solid personallity? Sesshoumaru-ANGST WHORE! You know it ladies, if he has long hair and never talks, HE IS T3H RULE...not.... Shippou-No funtional reason of being besides annoyance.. So who do I like..not many Inuyasha characters actually... Kohaku, Yura Of The Hair, Mushou, and Jakotsu...thats about it
  9. I am anime poor..I rather buy manga... Heres my collection Live Action Battle Royale Moon Child Japanese Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Star Ocean EX Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Cowboy Bebop Cowboy Bebop:The Movie Inuyasha movies 1-3(I don't know why I have these ) Angelic Layer Nadesico:The Movie CLAMP! In Wonderland Kiddy Grade Full Metal PANIC Hagaren~Full Metal Alchemist Rurouni Kenshin Junni Kokki Full Moon Wo Sagaahite Elfen Lied Midori No Hibi Fruits Basket Hana Yori Dango~The Movie(In Chinese) English Fushigi Yuugi Fushigi Yuugi OAV Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden Grave Of The Fireflies Naujica GALS! Chance Pop Circle Spiral Kaleido Star Digimon Pokemon Monster Farm Gundam Wing Mahou Kishi Rayearth Shinseiki Evangelion Shinseki Evangelion:The End Battle Angel Angel Sanctuary Bubblegum Crisis Those Who Hunt Elves Akira Dragon Half Hellsing Trigun On my Comp Fushigi Yuugi random EPS Cardcaptor Sakura random EPS About 40 more series...
  10. Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi.... I have been latched on that guy for four year now, and I STILL hate everything about him..its a very strange relationship.
  11. Access from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne..the guys insane! Stare into the eyes of evil!
  12. You won't believe how depressed this makes me... I love Hagaren (the fan name for Full Metal Alchemist), and it hurts me to now see t3h n00bish "OMG EDO IZ SO HAWT" All over Gaia and elsewhere....Ohh the pain in my heart...
  13. Thats pretty hard a question...I almost want to say Sae from Peach Girl, but if you are asking about some crazy, violent maniac, ill go with Lucifer from Angel Sanctuary...hehe....Lucifer and the mad Hatter Here are pictures of both Sae http://lnx.shoujoinitalia.net/peach/gallery/Saegal03.jpg Lucifer http://www.shiroitsubasa.com/shiroitsubasa/ab-lucifer.jpg
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