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  1. i liked it too Whittaker did an incredible job think he deserved the award.
  2. i agree shes a bitch when she fucked with starbuck because u know starbuck is soo much hotter and cooler but now its like well that sucked
  3. what did u guys think of the boxing episode? i think it was one of the best of the season
  4. good times already posted it and honestly this movie will rape all i think
  5. nope nope and hell no capcom vrs snk 2 is the best fighting game ever
  6. I rewatched that fight scene atleast 4 times and loved every minute of it
  7. TheBlackSwordsman


    Ive been going on a glycerine tirade recently been listening to them a whole helluva alot
  8. i love it and i think eduardo is the best character by far
  9. music usually the conversations on tv distract me
  10. I think it would be a close match even with Alucards Demonic stuff, D has that power like in Bloodlust i think the gun would be more effective against D though but theres no real way to tell in any of the movies hes never been shot or i cant remember
  11. none announced for any region/language welcome to the hell of a berserk fan
  12. it is my favorite series of all time i have only the first eps of the manga but it definitly kicks ass
  13. Hellsing Cowboy Bebop Trigun Neon Genesis Evangelion Berserk Movies Akira Cowboy Bebop couple more cant remember i noe im a novice but im just getting into anime back off me lol
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