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  1. Well sledge thats the great thing about gmail. Not only is it free (upon invite) it doesnt spam the hell out of you... i get about 2 spam letters weekly which is nothing compared to my 437 i got weekly on yahoo. Its worth a try...if you want an invite ask around or i can send you one if you like.
  2. Im not really sure... I just use gmail and its pretty usefull...with about 2 gigs of space you dont really need to delete anything, there isnt a file limit when sending larger files or multiple files...you might give it a try but other than that im not sure what else is out there
  3. Neo

    FFXIII? Mebee

    I read in game informer that when they do the remake of FFVII that they plan on using the FF12 battle system...is this true? I surely hope not.... Down with the gambit system!
  4. lovely! my whole class watched it and loved it
  5. yeah... found that out the hard way oh well i got it yesterday at suncoast! watched it...the voice acting could use a little work except for vincent and sephiroth..other than that its the same old good movie just in english
  6. Neo

    Finding new artists

    yea... sorry i think i misunderstood... >_> i shall leave now
  7. Neo

    Finding new artists

    Well dunno if these guys are new or not but you could check out placebo...they are pretty cool..kinda weird
  8. Neo

    Smashing Pumpkins

    They arent too bad.. zero is one of my favoirte songs from them
  9. Neo

    Advent Children

    Hm i think when they did bahamut they should have used the ff-7 style for him under the bahamut zero...that would have been kick ass
  10. Yea normally i wouldent do 10 but oh well here it goes... My favorite moment/cut scene is where tidus and yuna are in the spring under the tree and they swim around with all the perty graphics and stuff then they kiss.... yup
  11. Ive finished 1,2,3,4,ff-tactics,5,6,7,8,9,10,10-2... >_> im a big fan
  12. havent played it yet but im looking foreward to at least giving it a try... i heard it sucked but oh well..im a hardcore ff fan so either way im going to end up owning it and beating it
  13. Its a really good game id say...not as good a ff7 but hey, there arent many titles to match up with it. But id say give it a go because its really fun and has a good soundtrack along with a good story line
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