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  1. hmmm, awsome. Capcom really needs to make another Street Fighter, or even another Capcom vs SNK
  2. Metroid,now thats a good movie. MGS movie is finally happening huh, Im ready to see the finished product, i hope they don't change too much, or the fans, like me will be pissed.
  3. Bullies getting you down, rip through their bodies with a hadouken
  4. rockroc

    Hip Hop/Rap

    Yes thats another point i'd like to make southern eastcost rap is all about ho's pimps and drugs, i listen to the NY and NJ rap that makes sense to me. Its about real life.
  5. rockroc

    Hip Hop/Rap

    this is the first time i've had something bad to say about hip hop, it has too much cussing, is all about ho's and pimps, money, guns etc. i think its best to listen to the old rap. Like Grandmaster Flash and The Fat Boys
  6. I just hope they pass it on, to someone better and that it is not totally cancelled.
  7. Battle of The Flame- M.Bison's (Vega's) stage Street Fighter Ex 2 Plus Alpha
  8. Stupid 4Kids they ruin everything One Piece is awsome, and they wanna cancel it. *shakes head*
  9. uhh Kijula didn't you post this at Anime Online? where it got swatted down, lol, jk. its a funny but disturbing vid which shows why you only masterbate at home alone, not at work.
  10. ok thats really random, just dont watch the fan subs watch just the regular show its better.
  11. lol, dang right its our rights not theirs what do they think tis is not america or something<random comment. good thing they havent tried that crap in Georgia.
  12. Killer Instinct huh, i remember that, Glacius, Combo, Cinder,Riptor and some more characters that game was like a different Mortal Kombat, but if you ask me KOF and SF are equal I like both of them.
  13. lol, surprised i didn't think of that, well maybe i'll get lucky
  14. *scratches head* i was surprised to see that there were no Street Fighter Threads here. Post your strategies on any SF game, or state your favorite and why its your favorite, and your opinion of that game.no flaming please. guess i'll start. Capcom vs SNK 2 i use Joe Higashi, Ken Masters, Sagat. C-Groove I usually dodge attacks using roll, and counter. I always play on the hardest difficulty, no other mode gives me a challenge. one of my favorite sf games is SFA3. It has soo many modes and a bunch of characters, my fav character is Ken
  15. SFA3:M.Bision, Shin Akuma bout 30 times each CvS2:Shin Akuma bout 10 times Ult. Rugal 15 times MGS: all bosses 20 times, it gets better everytime MGS2:all bosses 5 times, got bored MGS3:all bosses 2 times, got bored
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