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  1. Idk. Hopefully it's been that Blizzard will actually get more games out.
  2. Haha, niiiiiiiiiice! I think they did a good job at picking hosts too. They fit, for once.
  3. Ahaha, awesome! For some reason I was expecting the costumes to be more different. Oh well, it is gladiators after all.
  4. "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi
  5. Milkshake... I went so long without hearing it on the radio, then a friend complained about it, and then I heard it, again and again. Probably one of the main reasons I don't listen tot he radio anymore.
  6. Yeah, I grew up with it too, and that movie... no chance in hell I'm gonna watch it. Way too much has been changed, and it looks like it'll have a completely different vibe from the series.
  7. Dogmatix

    hey all

    ...I think I know you? Anywho, welcome!
  8. Ahhhh, I'm so picky. I've been staring at the screen for a good ten minutes or so, and I can't think of a top ten. So my top three: 1. Tokyo Crazy Paradise 2. Marmalade Boy 3. Vampire Knight If I think of something else later, I'll edit.
  9. HHH 1-5 E Imadoki 2-5 E BSSM 2 random volumes E Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-4 E Wild Act 1-8, 10 E Doubt! (eww...) 1-6 E Escaflowne 1-3 E GW: bling target E, ground zero E, the movie thing J, episode zero J Hot Gimmick: 1-9 E Ah! My Goddess: 2 random volumes E Alice 19th: 1-7 E Ayashi no Ceres: 1-8 E Fushigi Yuugi:1-4, 5, 9-12 E Tokyo Crazy Paradise: 2-18 J Vampire Knight: 1-5 J Senpai to Kanojo: 1-2 J Sprout: 1 J The E and the J are just for which language its in. I stopped buying english translations about a year ago. The typos and what not eventually drove me insane.
  10. Had it been any other situation, I think I would've hated the ending too. But, I was watching it while they were subbing, and it was getting a little depressing... BTW, loved the bg music. I still listen to it regularly.
  11. ...hmmm, sad, and I was thinking of buying that game this week.
  12. Yup... I guess the fact that I haven't even finished the game yet, pretty much tells all for me. I finished X in exactly two weeks, and X2 in one. 12... well, I hung out in the store to get that one right away. The plot's been a little weak for me. I haven't been pulled into it yet at all. And about the cut scenes... X and X2 were definitely better from what I've seen so far, at least content-wise. I've got one more city to open up on the map, but I was wondering. Is there any place where you can view the cut scenes like in X/X2 at Luca? Cause, if there isn't, that'll suck even more. Although, in the end, I was really attatched to X, so XII would've had to been freaking awesome to have made me as happy as X did. I just hope there's better luck with 13.
  13. I only "play" Diablo II now. But umm... that play is in quotes because I pretty much just log in and out of the accounts and chars to keep the chars alive. I don't have the time to do much else anymore... PlayED: SC, WCII, WCIII, Lineage II, Tribes II, UT(I forget which one now... I leeched off my bro)
  14. Oh, snap. I knew I was forgetting something on tv today. @_@
  15. Hmm... well at least, they replaced it with something, right? Rather than totally not having one. I wonder how big it'll end up being in terms of size/attendence. I mean, since it's open and $100, I think there may be a pretty big crowd. But I guess that also depends on the quality.
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