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    2020s Predictions?

    not much of a prediction. just thinking about this stuff lately. coming solar eclipse this year on 4/08/2024 is interesting (hitting all cities named Ninevah) across the US. it will mark big "X" on the american soil after the last one at 2017 (hitting all cities named Salem). and we have this: WW1 7/28/1914 7 + 28 + 19 + 14 = 68 WW2 9/1/1939 9 + 1 + 19 + 39 = 68 WW3? 2/24/2022 2 + 24 + 20 + 22 = 68 with Putin threatening to nuke everyone recently, and what's going on in the ME, this year might be it lol.
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    YT thread

    RIP. i still play chrono trigger, and think and read about db/dbz time to time. I feel like my childhood just died ;_; DDP is a saint. never liked him in his run in WCW until he got into a feud with Macho Man back in late 90s. Vince screwed him over but he came out on top and made his own yoga business, helping so many old wrestlers and other disabled ppl alike. Chris Benoit and Scotty Riggs were two of my fav wrestlers ever back in the day.
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    I've been drinking bud light platinum off and on for years and I actually bought some a week ago and didn't see any panties anywhere and they only had 2 cases left. I never saw the commercial and didn't even know about it being a controversy until I heard people start complaining about it online. I don't do many conspiracy theories but I joked with my brother the other day that it could have been intentional. Imagine if they had a contaminated batch and had to do a massive recall of regular bud light, the amount of money it would have costed them would be just as bad as this ad campaign was. Instead of a recall they make everyone literally go out to the store to buy it just to dump it down the drain for them while making a youtube video. They can write off the entire batch as a loss and negative publicity is still publicity and still better than hearing "bud light has asbestos!".
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    I've been getting ready for spring for the last couple months and its taken up a crazy amount of my free time. We expanded our garden to be really huge last september in preparation for growing fruit and veggies. Then we decided to expand it another 6 more feet in one direction which we finally got finished last weekend. It was alot of work because our garden has an almost 6 foot tall deer fence all around it. We hammered in u-posts into the ground and attached the deer net and buried the bottom of the net so nothing will burrow under it. I should do measurements at some point to figure out its total volume. Its huge. lol. We have 3 apple trees, 3 cherry trees, and 1 nectarine tree in there. We still have to move 3 of those trees into their permanent locations (they are only 1 or 2 year old trees so its still possible to dig them up) and we have to plant a new apricot tree in there. I prepped the two rows for veggies last month but theres alot of weed whacking to do still and plants to move. We have 4 grape vines, 4 blueberry bushes and multiple raspberry plants to move. I started a bunch of veggies from seed and those tomatoes are still in an unused bath tub in my house with a light over them getting bigger every day. I'm looking forward to getting everything planted and done so all this gardening can give me a break.

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