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  1. Anyone know what the first anime they use is? The one where the chicks are fighting and they have bullets coming out from between their boobies? I've seen that before somewhere....
  2. I only watched a bit of it but I like it...especially the Vegeta one singing the Whitney Houston song and Kakshi "I love my lips" (gotta love Veggie Tales).
  3. Sweet.
  4. And we need to read another chapter...the suspense is too much *scarfs down a whole box of chocolates*.
  5. I agree 100%...another chapter is soooo needed.
  6. I had no idea that I could get my pictures on a stamp...I'm gonna have to go find out if that's true or not.
  7. Well fine...guess no one is wanting to even give me any comments on my story.
  8. Was that directed at me or Kuwabara?
  9. Rofl!!!
  10. Hurry up....or I'll start posting my story instead!
  11. That was...interesting...what I could read at least.
  12. It's Mickey and Donald!!! Nice...I especially like the flower.
  13. I wonder what role I will have *ponders*.
  14. More more more!!! Please?
  15. I know you did but I just couldn't help reading it all. I'm watching the 5 episodes that I have taped either tonight or tomorrow. Doubt they're that far along though.
  16. Oh man...why did I just read that!!! I still haven't seen those episodes yet! *tries to forget that I just read all that*
  17. Awesome drawings.
  18. Where's the picture?
  19. Or maybe when she's falling her skirt just automatically gets heavy so it doesn't fly up...
  20. I was trying to think of a name for a village in my story and I stumbled across an actual village in Japan. It's kind of like the village in my story. Does anyone think it would be bad form to use the actual name of the village in my story?
  21. Ooo...I never thought of using word to come up with another I allowed to post a chapter at a time of my story?
  22. Alright...I think for the time being I will keep the name. Be on the lookout (eventually) for my new story.
  23. Thanx're so much help..........
  24. I've already created a new character for Inu Yasha but you guys won't know about her (or him) until I finish my story and post it *insert evil laugh*.
  25. At least Sesshomaru doesn't pirroet like he did in episode #4 (I think that was the one).