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  1. Welcome to the AC.
  2. The AC is THE clan. Welcome to the insanity.
  3. Nice.
  4. That certainly is a lot of stuff. I would hate to have to clean that room. I couldn't live in a room like that...I would be re-organizing it every few days or so. I wonder what the guy looks like? Probably really nerdy *laughs*.
  5. Too true. The series would be what...1 episode long? Maybe 2?
  6. *does the dance of joy* And Sesshy's mom is pretty.
  7. So.....that's just in the manga....right? *is hopeful*
  8. Welcome to the insanity.
  9. Welcome and suchness.
  10. Welcome to the clan.
  11. Looks awesome.
  12. I don't even know if it's actually a's something to do with escape from some island (or something). The only problem is it's a CVD (does that sound right) and I don't think it'll play in my ps2 at home.
  13. Actually...I tried it today before work on my computer and it works. Only thing is it's in Thai but it works.
  14. Who's the character in the first sig?
  15. Ok it's called "Fire on the Mystic Island". I already bought it from a retailer here in Thailand (hence the reason it's VCD and in Thai). I tried playing it on my friend's computer but it wouldn't play. The only dvd player that I have at home is my PS2.
  16. Welcome to the clan.
  17. It's like "escape from crimson island" or something...
  18. Welcome to the AC.
  19. Damn those are awesome! *grabs your shoulder* maybe some of your mad skill will rub off onto me for when I make some new sigs.
  20. YAY! I'm gonna work on more sigs when I get home. Black and white looks way cool.
  21. *stupid double posting.......sorry*
  22. Nicely done! Very cool. I like the black and white effect.
  23. You are HINATA! Sweet. Caring. Shy. In the ninja world, you're the odd one out. Given the choice, you'd rather help people than fight them. But everyone loves your kind nature even if everyone can't see the determination that lurks beneath your shy exterior. I guess that's me...especially the shy part.
  24. I recognize the name. Nice to have you back.
  25. Awesome sigs Hell Cat. I love them both but especially the first one.