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  1. ......nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.................well with jack gone how can u expect else wise?
  2. thats down right scary.....i din know they would share pics of my room with all thses ppl........ JK!!!!! lol nah but seriously how old is this guy...i can maybe understand if he was like 15 and still livin with his parents but bthats waaaaay too old to be livin with them
  3. soooooooo cool kittie maybe ill ask u to nicely make me one oneday
  4. wow ima look so outa place.......BG triggerman and Drowning pool sinner.....
  5. lol im not callin it fun and games i jus remeber the stuff that goes on when theres down time is realy fun....putting soap in ur battles cantine.....still sarges hat and runing round with it on in ur boxers and a paper gun screamin MP!!!!!!!!!!!! all the other stuff is jus plain not fun....well maybe the repelling and the obsticale courses(excluding the barb wire)*shudders* the rest isnt all that fun........good thing i only had 5 months lol
  6. ahhhhthe military life.....hes prolly enjoying the hell out of it lol soooo much fun goes on behind the scenes lol congratulations FM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i whole heartedly agree but i still watch it cuz of the other original cast which r still cool but no O'Neil
  8. SG1.. O'neil, Daneil, and the Old Tielk(i looooved the episode where him and O'Neil got stuck in the time loop) SGA... Ford..but hes gone now .... and shepeard and beckt....and i know i spelt most of those wrong
  9. i think they should do that but also they gota save an enemy for when trhey wraith go bye bye
  10. i havent rly paid attention to SG! that much because as strider said the loss of O'neil to me was devastating the new guys is ok but hes doin the same actin routine as he did in farscape ... or spcaescape...watever it was called lol well anywya he cant top O'neil god i miss th old episodes and as for atlantis it started off very good but now its kina lacking annnnd i rly rly rly rly miss ford >.< and ronin is ok i guess but taila .... well i dont rly see the point of her....but ive missed the last 2 weeks of them both so im clueless as of wats going on now ^^;
  11. Wind Bringer


    thanks for welcoming me
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    ooooookkkkkkk *runs away realy fast*
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