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  1. Don't forget to install peerguard. I doubt you'd get busted for downloading anime, especially if its jap dub/english sub... But just in case. Also, there is a good chance that your college will block the port used by bittorrent. So if you get an error when trying to use a torrent, and you've tried several others that do the same, that is probably why. Err, that is if you don't have to pay for it. If you pay for the internet they might have a lot less restrictions/no restrictions.
  2. Where do you get your anime renders? Or do you do them yourself? I've found a few sites, but they're a mess to navigate..
  3. Ah, got it. I abandoned the graveyard though, too many things going on in the background. I had to figure out how to make tux in gimp from scratch Another one:
  4. Well, I decided to take my first real venture into GIMP imag editing. I've only ever use paint . Anyway, I played around in gimp a little while and made this: *however, it just doesn't look right. What is it missing?
  5. /me is confused Amount of stored data doesn't mean it clogs your cpu. Most likely you had a ton of themes, for mouse and windows, and the spyware that generally accompanies them. Or maybe just too many running applications like music players, etc. Anyway, I used to be a huge anime fan, but have settled into other areas. I have a large collection of anime wallpaper, and have burned several VCDs of images and soundtracks. I've never been anyone to really get any clothes or hats, etc, on anime. As far as manga goes, I don't have any. I read some online in pdfs, but other than that ditto. Before my laptop's harddrive died, I had quite a bit of torrented anime, english subbed jap dubbed.
  6. You can, but it is hard to find a direct way to do it. You may be able to find an adapter of some sort, but the only way I've seen anyone do it is to get a video-in card on the pc, plug the ps2 into it, and play it onto the screen with the software that came with the card. You can't do any splicing easily, or probably at all for that matter.
  7. I like alot of the magnatune bands.. pain factor/skitzo/utopia banished, but never buy their albums. Well, I bought a few so I still fit into their goal of 1:40 buys:downloads ratio I guess. Off Topic: Open source music rules, I can download all I want without breaking any laws. Now if they could just find a way to get better recording equipment..
  8. Try both. Do you actually hear yourself for a split second, or just static?
  9. What OS? WinXP I'm assuming? Go to Start>All Programs>Accesories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder Now, plug in the mic and start talking, and click record. After a few seconds click stop, and then play. Do you hear yourself? If not, double click the volume icon on the taskbar, and make sure the panel that comes up is in advanced mode. There should be a control that says like 'Microphone' and 'Line in'. Drag both of those up, and make sure that they're not muted.
  10. I got into it with arcade games, mainly pinball and such. The first anime I actually watched, though, would probably be G-Gundam, though I pretty much watched anything that was on toonami.
  11. Picatta


    About the speakers echoing; most speakers (including the one that is is your computer, which beeps when you make an error in dos) can be used in reverse as a microphone. I'm assuming you're on windows? Right Click on the microphone icopn in the taskbar by the clock, and select 'audio volume' controls, or something like that. Check the mute button under microphone, and 'line in' as well. Does it still echo?
  12. I knew it. Comet Cursor = spyware Cursormania ~= spyware
  13. They look pretty cool... But some look sorta emo. The last one posted looked like the best, imo
  14. I went to install it, and my lavasoft adarware thing said it was spyware. Before that it slowed my computer down a lot. :/ Maybe I need to update the anti-spyware software..
  15. TY, though the lines are part of the image , I got it from the alchemist handbook.
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