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  1. Can you elaborate? How is dual screen "irritating"? It opens up twice the possibilities for games and cuts menu time in half. What sort of 3D Game Boy do you have in mind? A...Virtual Boy?
  2. I still think Nintendo should have focused on the DS as an entire gaming package. Instead of making the travesty that is the Wii, they could have made a system with attached touch screen that allows you to play DS games on your TV. That way, people could play the same games at home and on the go, and the better system (the DS) would have additional support. Touch controls > motion controls, and that puts them more in competition with the PC gaming market than the 360 / PS3 bloodbath that they have no chance of winning.
  3. You're such a poet. Tristan, SSBB isn't that much of an improvement over Melee. I prefer it just because I main two of the new characters, but most people who played Melee heavily still seem to favor it overall. As with most Wii titles, it has its advantages, but it's not really worth the trouble. Or wait, you said you want to play SSBM on the Wii? Do you mean Melee (Gamecube) or Brawl (Wii)?
  4. I have to disagree with this assessment. Square's been treating the PSP as their Final Fantasy continuum for some time now, with FFVII: Crisis Core and the FF / FFII remakes. Enix's Star Ocean contributions and all the ported PSX titles solidify the PSP's place--when it's not being used as a homebrew media outlet, it's primarily a JRPG portable. It makes total sense to put Dissidia on the PSP considering the other offerings, and assuming that if you're a Final Fantasy fan, you'd be more likely to have a PSP rather than a PS3 which offers no Final Fantasy games as of yet. Also, considering the PSP is half the cost of the PS3, it's not fair to say people won't buy the system just for this game--they'd be more likely to buy a PSP for it than a PS3 if it was a console title. I think it's a smart move, and not a screw-the-consumer move at all. Look at all the fighting games coming out on consoles recently. The portable users are sort of screwed in that department, so it's actually a nice gift to them to have a decent fighter. And if you're a hardcore FF fan, you should have a PSP already, so it's a double win.
  5. Because I've put 45 hours into Fallout 3 in the past week, I feel the need to share its unbelievable awesomeness with other gamers. Simply put, it's amazing, no matter what type of gamer you are. RPG fans will be pleased by its constant rewards and wide variety of skills and story paths. FPS fans will be treated to an action-packed world which seamlessly combines run 'n' gun with worthwhile character interaction. Sandbox gamers can run about the world all they like, doing quests in any order and finding new surprises across the vast wasteland. Linear players will have distinct objectives and paths to follow, taking them directly through the storyline and any subsequent events they wish to pursue. It's all-encompassing, utterly enjoyable, and unexplainably addictive. If you haven't thought about picking this one up, I suggest you seriously consider it. I can't think of any genre of player who will not be satisfied in some regard--and I am utterly, entirely satisfied. Just writing about it is making my mouth water with Fallout anticipation. Play it. It will start a flame in your heart.
  6. His Prince of Persia review was the most accurate one I've seen in a while. It was very basic, very forgiving, and not the typical platforming / fighting challenge you'd expect from a PoP game. At the same time, it was gorgeous to the point of being distracting, and what platforming there was, was smooth and enjoyable. The story is pretty basic and the ending absolutely atrocious, but for a relaxed, eye-catching experience, it's worth playing. People give it way too much flak for the "never die" system, but that's splitting hairs--merely instead of having to go back to your last save point, you go back to the last bit of flat ground you were on. Which, sometimes, is a decent distance.
  7. If the console wars are based purely on sales, sure. Of course, the Wii's sales can be attributed to its much lower cost and ferocious stalking of non-gamers to buy their gaming system. In terms of a gaming machine and being the victorious console when it comes to gamers, no way. Also, the note about the Wii selling 60% first-party titles is null. Of course they do--their third-party offerings are possibly the worst in the history of gaming. They could have offered no third-party titles (probably a more respectable move) and then claimed 100% of their sales are first-party. Oooh! So impressive. I feel like the Wii officially winning the console wars is like saying Flash games have won the gaming wars--sure, a hell of a shit-ton of people play them, but do we really care? They barely even fit into the gaming world. It's like someone throwing on a bunch of clothes from Goodwill and sneaking into a fashion show. They might get away with it and walk down the runway, but they aren't worth any more after it, and they still smell like mothballs and leftover cigarettes.
  8. Prowler...that's an old one. You were quite a hit with the ladies. Still playing the violin?
  9. Most important investment, definitely. Besides a Gold Xbox LIVE membership.
  10. NES SNES N64 GameCube GBA SP DS Genesis Sega CD Game Gear Dreamcast PSX PS2 PS3 Wii Xbox 360 (Kyle and I share these last three.)
  11. Gay marriage and abortion, two of the most controversial and argued-over rights, are just about people meddling in other people's business. If what you're doing isn't causing harm to other living things, it shouldn't be denied you. I applaud California for this.
  12. I haven't been around much in awhile, but I've been quite busy, and will be even busier preparing to move to...San Francisco! And although I think, besides Carmie and co. there aren't many, I'm curious if anyone here is from the region and has suggestions on the best areas to live or how to find reasonably priced accommodations, etc. The Midwest is super reasonable (we live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 sq. ft. apartment with all amenities for $900 a month) so browsing apartment listings and such for Cali is a bit overwhelming (a 600 sq. ft. apartment for $2,000 a month? What??). Anyway, any help is appreciated. Or just share your West Coast experiences, whatever your fancy.
  13. That's actually a genetic condition that only about 25% of people have. I do it, too--sneeze whenever I'm first in bright light or look up at the sun--and my boy refused to believe my sneezes were actually caused by sunlight, because he doesn't have it. One of his friends does it, too, and we had to argue our case until finding agreement online.
  14. Sounds like the ideal birthday to me. Have a great day, love.
  15. But then it's also a matter of deciding whether you want hardware backwards compatibility or the included controllers. I will admit, though, that being able to charge your controller while playing it is pretty nifty. But not nifty enough to put the PS3 over the 360 in my book just yet.
  16. Rob's pretty much covered the important stuff, but I think having to buy rechargeable batteries for your 360 controllers should be weighed against having to buy rumble controllers for the PS3. Both rechargeability and rumble are unnecessary extras, but probably things you'll want and have to pay for in both instances. My personal opinion is go for the 360. I hated the Xbox and loved PSX and PS2, but I am absolutely blown away by the 360 and essentially everything it offers, and have yet to be overly impressed with our PS3. Also, we bought a Premium pretty close to launch and never had any issues, then went for an Elite when they were released and still *jinx* haven't had any trouble. But, I'd decide soon just in case you do go for the PS3--so you can still get a hardware backwards-compatible one, as opposed to one that needs patching. That's one thing the systems do share--sucky backwards compatibility. Only being able to put old save files on the PS3 but not take them off? Waiting for patches to play previous Xbox games and then those are sometimes half-assed? C'mon, guys, Nintendo figured this one out.
  17. Pitfall?
  18. "Reel" mowers. Push mowers still use gas. I would give most of the money to my parents. I owe them everything, and that would just be a start. And keep a little for myself so that I could still pay bills and such if I lost my job, without having to borrow back from them.
  19. Wasn't there just a thread like this?
  20. If you ever get tired of shooters (though it seems some people never do), Super Puzzle Fighter HD and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (if you don't have the PSX or PSP version) are probably the best Xbox Live Arcade games available.
  21. At least Mortal Kombat actually was a violent (and extremely violent for the time it came out) game. What is most absurd about the continuing hate towards Mass Effect is that what these people are claiming is not even remotely true. It's not just bigots spouting off against video games as usual; it's ignorant people claiming their own made-up fears as fact without doing any of that research their entire profession is based upon.
  22. Update: decided to follow this "lead." It seems that no one in the media is capable of doing research on a subject before reporting "facts" on it. I was moderately impressed with the anchor heading up the interview, who admitted she was unable to find any explicit content or images of the game through her brief research online, but she then later goes on to say ""When you buy video have to pick up the box and look at the back for the rating..." which, if you've ever even seen a video game (bought it or not) you know is not true. Unless she's buying old NES games or something, ratings are always on the front of the box, letter and word spelled out in black and white for you. According to Wired, the psychologist has apologized for what she said during the debate, having realized afterward that she had no idea what she was talking about. Fox News has yet to apologize for their ignorance and slanderous statements against the game.
  23. No, because what this guy is describing doesn't exist in the game. He obviously has not touched the game himself and just needed something to try and make an example of. If "Mass Effect" were a rouse for the "mass effect" it would have on people, it would only be for its innovative, streamline dialogue trees and customizable (in every way except those described in this article) characters and plot.
  24. Don't you have to actively pursue another character with diligent empathy, extensive dialogue, and demonstrated emotional concern to even have a chance at a sex scene? Sounds like Mr. McCullough hacked the game and inserted his own foreign entity. What up.
  25. Or perhaps stupidest. Wandering around Wal-Mart last night, (much to DX's dismay, I'm sure), I stumbled upon classic Wii controllers packaged with a silicone sleeve for $7.00. This, although a really great deal (regularly $24.98) is not the absolutely mind-boggling one. Right next to these were similar packages--silicone sleeve--but instead of the controller, the top part of the box held a card with 2,000 Wii points on it. These, too, were $7.00. Now, 2,000 Wii points has a cash equivalent of $20.00. Wii points are essentially cash, except that they cannot be refunded. Wal-Mart was selling $20.00 in a box, with an additional silicone skin, for $7.00. I'm not sure how this works out for Wal-Mart, but it definitely worked out for me. I bought 10 of them (no limit, either!). Hello every TurboGrafix16 game I ever wanted. I'm sure this is YMMV, and no one should rush out to Wal-Mart with high hopes...but I'll be damned if it's not the dumbest and greatest sale I've ever come across.