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  1. Oh no! Steam is so tempting and wonderful--they always have sales with games for something ridiculous ($2?!). I've been busy but well, and yes...gaming has definitely sucked up much of my time. The past week has been a nonstop Skyrim-a-thon. If you find time for -any- game sometime soon, that should be it! Has your job been keeping you busy? (I feel like the last time I was here, you had an insane job keeping you swamped 24/7...)

  2. Inexcusable :P ... how've you been? I remember you were (are?) quite the gamer. I finally got a Steam account thanks to Eppy and his pals but I have no time for it X'D.

  3. Haha, sucked into some sort of black hole-ish vortex?! :)

  4. Where they hell are you too?!

  5. First off, hi everyone. It's been awhile! Now to the reason I'm posting after an X-year long absence: my fiance has created a product that I think any gamer can appreciate / get excited about, and it's currently entered into the "Global Startup Battle" (after winning our local Startup competition). If it's something that you think sounds cool / that you'd want to be able to purchase in the near future, I'd like to ask for voting support over at the Startup Battle website. Basically, it's an adapter that lets you play any of your old systems (NES, SNES, N64, PS2, etc.) with a wireless Bluetooth controller, like the Wiimote or PS3 controller. They created the adapter and got it working between an NES and Wiimote in less than 3 days, (I played Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES with a Wiimote--so cool!) and if they win the Global Startup Battle I imagine they'll be able to go on and make the additional adapter plugins to work with other systems pretty easily. No more wires! So if this is something you would be interested in, please head over to http://globalstartupbattle.com/battle/, click "Vote Now," and "See All Entries." Then scroll until you find Awesome Controller, and vote for it! That simple. If it wins, I'll let you guys know when it goes on sale to the public.
  6. Saiel

    FFXIV to 360.

    I don't understand why this is always the first and primary complaint about large games on the 360...how much does standing up for 1 second and swapping a disc a total of one or two times during a 60+ hour game really affect your experience?
  7. The studio's loss; Norton is the best actor in Hollywood today. Just because he offers creative criticism and actually thinks about a film beyond his own lines--that's not a "team player"?
  8. Okay, I just had to share what is quickly becoming my ultra-favorite class: MP5K -- Silencer Spas-12 -- Grip Stun Grenades Semtex Marathon (Pro) Stopping Power (Pro) Ninja (Pro) (Whatever KSs you prefer, I like 6-7-9). This set-up wrecks in mid-CQB maps. It's my favorite for Underpass, Highrise, Scrapyard, etc. I think I've gotten >10 K/D spread on Underpass almost every time I've used this (Rob, I was using this or a very similar class when I got like 3 Pavelows against that terrible team you were stuck with on Underpass X'D). Anyway, <3 the MP5K. I use it more than the SCAR now.
  9. Haha, very nice! I got "Stickman" the other day (game-winning killcam by sticking an enemy with Semtex), and was super excited...but then saw that the emblem is absolutely hideous. I wanted something awesome for such a sweet challenge. I hope Hi Def was more visually rewarding.
  10. Most things, sure. But there are also a number that I don't want to ever deal with again, like getting the Holographic Sight for the FAL. 60 kills with a misaligned RDS on a gun that isn't especially easy to use to begin with...not fun. And Cold-Blooded is definitely more of a "my team sucks" perk than anything, Rob, that's true. It's also helpful when you're the only person shooting down killstreaks, as your teammates run into Harrier fire over and over again without even considering dropping them. Lord. Edit: Haha, cute. I didn't know you could assign a smiley to an entire post...ignore that at the top, I was just trying to insert the little sweat droppy guy at the end.
  11. Those two sentences explain each other, hehe--I canNOT live without Ninja Pro. I have 4 classes with Ninja Pro and 1 with Commando Pro (for when I feel like going crazy and jumping off buildings). I think if I prestiged and didn't have Ninja anymore, the game would be unplayable. So props to you for sticking it out Ninja-less, you are a bigger man than I. X'D
  12. Haha, I only bought the game in like April, all the original maps are new enough to me that I don't need to spend $30+ dollars on more! > And wait! Shipstar never uses a heartbeat sensor...you must be talking about bdogg. (He always uses HBS.) But Ship does like to "patrol" an area...he's also our best player, so it seems to work (vs. my love of running all over the map and dying a dozen times in a row). He's more "campy" than I am, but it's not like he sits in a corner ADS with a claymore behind him (which is what like half the people who play FFA spend the whole time doing ).
  13. Why are you always on the other team!? Booo!!
  14. Cocaine seems like an "obviously bad" drug to compare games to, but the "high" is probably more comparable to drinking a caffeinated soda. And anything can become an "addiction" that negatively affects a person because they pursue it to an unhealthy degree. Some people are addicted to sticking oddly-shaped vegetables in their orifices--oh no! Better keep the carrots locked up to protect the children! A couple hours of video games can also: improve hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning abilities, reading comprehension, teach you something new (look at all the mythology and history cropping up in games), among other positive effects. But why delve into those when you can blame your personal problems on video games? I'm fat, lazy, and ignorant--what's an easy cop-out? All those drugs I did when I was younger! All those video games!
  15. The RDS is for getting the Holo (which I don't have yet) for the weird steady aim bonus it apparently gives the Spas-12? It's supposedly like having Steady Aim equipped--like how the holo-sight on the M16 reduces bullet spread for no reason...otherwise, the Spas-12 is a beast without anything equipped, so the attachment doesn't really matter.
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