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  1. Incredible video of a real glacier calving ... the largest ever recorded ... the sound of the thing is MASSIVE and just amazing, frakkin scary and the size of a city.
  2. Depends. Social media + chat platforms are where most people talk these days. Forums too. Forums aren't dead. A wider community thrives on forums. But for a close knit place of 10 and under, a Facebook or chat platform seems to work better, however it's totally up to the users too.
  3. I don't watch anime anymore because I don't have the time for it. Think the last thing I saw was One Punch Man which was fun. Anyway, I saw episode 1 of this show because I read about it being gruesome, etc. and it seems decent. Production values are high which translates to good visuals or soundtrack and you see that in just the first episode. Hopefully the story holds up. Haven't read the manga obviously.
  4. Fortunately it's by the same studio that did Attack On Titan. Unfortunately, like Attack On Titan, who knows if it's gonna suck after episode 1 and all that deceptive high production.
  5. I agree. It would've worked early on, right now the show is about to lose a huge fanbase if he dies and they're full of compromises right now.
  6. Legit shit movie. Even fans of the series hated it.
  7. Legit good.
  8. Tom Hardy dodged a bullet by not being in this. This looks pretty bad.
  9. Season 1 was pretty good, I agree Goku and very relevant to today's society.
  10. What do you think of the whole season? I was glad to see the series come back but after watching it, I wish it didn't exist.
  11. Fun action, humor, plot and my knowledge of Deadpool is only from seeing a bunch of cosplayers. I know nothing about the guy.
  12. Batfleck did okay. Snyder doesn't seem to like superheroes and it's ironic he's making superhero movies. His version of Superman sucks. And this is a very Batman movie although it's supposed to be a sort of sequel to Man of Steel. With Snyder on board, you know for sure the plot or characters WILL suck. With Man of Steel I only liked it for the visuals and the sonic fight sequences, so with that mindset, I went in to watch BvS and the movie sucked, real hard. A few 3/4 mins of that sonic action but uninspired.
  13. I thought it was decent. Didn't feel that 'WOW' factor seeing it. Highlight of the movie for me was seeing Rama and Mad Dog for a quick second. The rest was 'ehh'. The sloppy lets not make anything that's actually original writing actually makes me respect Lucas in a very very small way about how he tried to show (and failed) something original in the prequel trilogy - all the political stuff, etc. - it would've been easy for him to slap another similar looking trilogy, story-pattern-wise.
  14. The recruiter might die or Glenn aka the obvious choice. Worst season so far. Reedus, THE tracker of the show, gets himself captured not once but twice this season. Fun. Shit writing.
  15. Apart from hearing the signature tune here n there, this looked a shade better than a TV movie. I'll go see it but not thrilled and honestly don't care about side stories because at this point this's all part of the grand scheme to milk to franchise and more = not always the best option. Felicity looks so wooden with those long pause shots.
  16. So with the old sub-forum scrapped, we can probably discuss everything One Piece related - anime, manga - in here I suppose? NOTE: Any noobs checking the topic must know this is going to be full of spoilerific goodness. The new episode was fantastic! First, Flamingo is on his way and then who was that mystery character towards the end of the last episode? With Law warning Luffy to move on, I think Flamingo will be there in no time. He may capture or rescue those 2 from his crew but he's pretty ruthless so he may just use them as sacrifices in the end or not care for them. Predictions, thoughts, whatcha think?
  17. The CG looks dismal but they'll fix it in post production. There's nothing in the story that can save this movie unfortunately.
  18. This looks like another piece of turd, much like the 3rd movie. Listen to that DUMB dialog. The only thing that could save the trailer was if Chris Pratt rode a raptor instead of a bike.
  19. The movie's ending sucked imho. The reason they beat the bad guy in the end was one of the dumbest scenes I've watched in a big movie in recent times.
  20. Tried a little hard as in? From the opening scene till the final scene, it lays things out so the viewer has no questions or doubts about what's happening or what happened unlike say an Inception. Anyway, if you're going to watch this at home Sledge, it won't be the same. Godzilla felt way different when I saw it in the theater versus at home. And I'm not talking about gimmicky 3D. This one has a lot of IMAX in it, so much that they didn't have room on the IMAX reel to fit promos of other movies, etc. 90+% of all space scenes were shot in IMAX. It's beautiful and the sound is loud and raw.
  21. Big Hero 6 was fun, surprisingly watchable with emotion.
  22. I bought nothing. The more I buy, the more I don't want to own anything. Plus these deals are programmed to get you to buy things you wouldn't necessarily buy or need and you'd get it just for the heck of it because of a low price. Screw that! But yes, I need a PS3 controller and I'll buy it tomorrow when it isn't on sale. Take that Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  23. What's with that medieval looking light saber? Looks pretty stupid functionally if you ask me. The teaser was what it was, a tease. I'd prefer not to seeing any more of it and watch the rest of the train wreck at the movies. Vader has 1 beam. Maul had 2 beams. This sith fella has 3 beams. Nice progression with every trilogy. Also, screw that dumb looking light saber, this would've ruled instead -
  24. Can't say she didn't deserve it after what she pulled. Bad move Beth. Can't say this season was better than the last or the one before that.
  25. The story is just bad. Pretty BAD.