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Found 1 result

  1. slippers

    dead classmates?

    do you google for your old friends or foes over the years and to see what happened to them? recently i found my old yearbook from 8th grade and randomly searched for my old classmates. to my surprise two of them passed away. im pretty sure there are more. i tried to look for others but some of their names are too common and results are like hundreds of ppl with same names on facebook/instagram/mylife etc so i gave up. so one of them joined a marine and died in a car accident a couple days before his deployment to iraq in 2002. another one died in 2017 but doesnt say how in his obituary page..but i found his mugshot page with multiple drug posession charges so im guessing drug overdoes or suicide. both of them were assholes during middle school years but kinda mellowed out and matured during high school years. kinda puts you in a perspective that same ppl you went to school with didnt even get a chance to live their full adult life. and this ones not a classmate but someone i had arguments over and over on a different messageboard around 2007 - 2009. we both disliked each other and he was such a stuck up prick i couldnt stand him. i ended up getting him banned somehow and i quit the board later on. not long after i found that yearbook, i found out that he died in 2015. his friends were talking about his death on their messageboard so thats how i knew. massive heartattack at 40 yrs old bc of heavy drinking. he got depressed bc his close friend committed suicide after he got deported (its his fault trying to forge documents and got caught). both were canadians and he was living in new zealand or something. now i think back, i dont even know what all those stupid arguments were about. kinda feel sorry for him too that he died alone in his apartment. eh just random thoughts from binge watching zombie movies and news about corona related deaths 💀
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