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Found 15 results

  1. So with the old sub-forum scrapped, we can probably discuss everything One Piece related - anime, manga - in here I suppose? NOTE: Any noobs checking the topic must know this is going to be full of spoilerific goodness. The new episode was fantastic! First, Flamingo is on his way and then who was that mystery character towards the end of the last episode? With Law warning Luffy to move on, I think Flamingo will be there in no time. He may capture or rescue those 2 from his crew but he's pretty ruthless so he may just use them as sacrifices in the end or not care for them. Predictions, thoughts, whatcha think?
  2. From the album: One Piece Wallpapers

    One piece - Film Z

    © Eiichiro Oda

  3. From the album: One Piece Wallpapers

    One Piece - Dragon Wallpaper

    © Eiichiro Oda

  4. From the album: One Piece Wallpapers

    One Piece wallpaper. Tree in the sky.

    © Eiichiro Oda

  5. Sledgstone


  6. Now that the backstory is over with, what do you think will happen next? Its seems like such a long time since the enis lobby arc.. but do you think everyone will end up fighting an individual opponent again? They've already shown Hodi's crew but aside from the swordsman guy, they haven't shown anything about any of them.
  7. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2010-11-26/one-piece-nissan-collaborate-on-ita-van-ads Click these links for pictures: http://car.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20101126_409612.html http://animeanime.jp/news/archives/2010/11/cm_4.html The hood is the lion face, and the roof is the sail. It looks pretty good.
  8. I forgot to mention this... Funimation restarted their streaming of current One Piece episodes. Every Saturday at 9:00 pm CDT Funimation will stream the newest episode of One Piece subtitled on their website. http://www.onepieceofficial.com/videos.aspx No downloading required. Just click the link and watch the episodes. Pretty nice.
  9. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2009-11-02/eichiro-oda-one-piece-episode-0-to-be-animated Oh!!! I can't wait for this manga chapter to come out! Maybe we'll get to see if Roger had a Devil's Fruit power or not.
  10. http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/15050.html I saw this article on ANN the other day too. One Piece is always getting screwed over in the US.
  11. No new chapters of One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc. *dies* At least there is a new chapter of One Piece this week. But now christmas is going to suck. \
  12. Ok, we have Monkey D. Garp, Luffy's grandfather, Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy's dad, and then Monkey D. Luffy... And they all have the name Monkey, so who the hell is Portgas D. Ace's dad? Seeing as he is Luffy's brother shouldn't he have the Monkey name too?
  13. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-03-29/cartoon-network-has-no-plans-for-one-piece-return Its a damn shame what they did to One Piece in the US. A damn shame. My understanding is that Funimation will finish dubbing the entire series but it'll be straight to dvd. *still hates all their VAs*
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