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  1. Awww dude, you're missing out. This channel has all of it in a decent format. S2 is comparatively weaker BUT there's ONE EPIC episode about Greyskull and how/ the origins of the name, plus the source of the sword's power.
  2. There's a trailer out there, released today. Not watching the trailer cos I can see it's over 2 mins long - screw that. Gonna go straight to the movie. Not excited, but who knows if it turns out better than movies 2 and 3? Some things are better left alone.
  3. As a massive fan of the original animation, this show was a let down. I didn't like the voice actors at all - didn't click on any level - sure they had a popular cast, but it was bleh. My list of things that didn't work are a lot. Sledge, I think you expected this to be a reboot with an origins story but not all cartoons can be rebooted that way. We're so used to reboot after reboot of properties within 2/3 years of the previous movie/ show. Have you watched the massively under-rated 2001 He-Man reboot? S1 was amazing, but a few people didn't like it. I don't think you can please everyone, so I was okay with liking it more than whatever the reception/ fans/ reviewers were saying about that show. You'll get more of a backstory about the Castle, Sorceress, Skeletor or He-Man.
  4. Very cool indeed. Congrats man, and good luck for the final background check/ steps to come through.
  5. Hahahaha what fun.
  6. Cautiously optimistic. It might suck real hard.
  7. I might watch the last 2/3 episodes just to see what happens in the end/ where this series went. I stopped watching when someone was killed with a certain someone's baseball bat. This was years ago.
  8. Looks amazing - visually. Story though ... dunno. Marvel has not disappointed have they? Usually they hit gold with audiences and this looks like a winner. I didn't like the previous Spidey movie as much, if I'm being brutally honest. Although, the animated Spidey movie that came out 2/3 years ago with all those different Spideys from different dimensions was a 10/10 for me.
  9. Firing nurses for them not being vaccinated is not the fault of the hospital. They couldn't force them to get vaccinated, so for the sake of the safety of patients, it would only make sense to make sure a nurse is not in close proximity to a patient on life support or ICU if there is a risk of passing Covid-19 to the patient. It's a massive liability for the family who has a family member in the ICU/ hospital room. Imagine the hospital being sued by 10 or 20 or 100 families for Covid related deaths, where Covid-19 was contracted after the patient was admitted? The hospital would go bankrupt. If it's a private hospital, they can have whatever rules they can have. If it's a public hospital, they'd have to go with Covid-19 regulations in the state of Texas. To clarify, if it's the hospital in Houston that you're referring to, the nurses were not just fired, but there were nurses that resigned. https://www.texastribune.org/2021/06/23/texas-hospital-houston-methodist-vaccine-employees-fired-resign/ A hospital in NJ about a month or two ago also chose to terminate handful of nurses who continued to report to work, didn't want to get vaccinated and/ or were not vaccinated. There's a certain responsibility towards not the nurse, but the person the nurse is exposed to, who are obviously at a hospital for serious medical problems. What would you suggest the hospital do? It's an interesting discussion and interesting perspective to explore.
  10. Pchan

    2020s Predictions?

    Isn't he trying to clean up the mess America's beloved Trump was responsible for?
  11. I'll say the same thing - the story right now is VERY interesting too. Wano brings a lot of backstory and we see SO GODDAMN MUCH in terms of story progression. But, I feel like this battle is too much to cover ... there are so many missed opportunities and fights that we don't get to see because there's so little time to cover it all. About the anime - I like the overall art design of the Wano arc but I absolutely dislike the fights being animated in this current mode. Everyone looks like they're going superduperSaiyan all the time and have an aura that's deceptive (could be easily confused with haki).
  12. Definitely good news for folks who refuse to wear a mask/ don't believe in wearing masks - this's their chance to shine with no accountability or reason to be shamed for not wearing a mask. The media and Tiktokers will be upset though cos there will be less videos of karens being confronted for not wearing a mask.
  13. Pchan

    dead classmates?

    ^ that post above is post # 2138 and your score is 3128. Talk about eerie ...
  14. Pretty decent overall, I enjoyed it more than The Witcher and it's within the same realm of action adventure fantasy sort of story. Don't watch the trailer for it - try out the first episode or two and then choose to continue or not. Trailers these days spoil more than they should.
  15. Millie by herself isn't a good actress to begin with. Yes, she can scream and sell that scene well, but do we need her to scream a lot ... in a Godzilla movie? Let the titans do all the yelling. When she was first cast in the franchise, I could tell it's only because her stock went up due to Stranger Things and all the popularity around that show. But, yeah. You gotta cast folks people are interested in, and sponsors too. In this film, I was more invested in Kong's story arc that Zilla's. This movie's also a lot more re-watchable because of the fight sequences lasting longer than the other films. I still have a very soft spot for the 1st Godzilla in this series.
  16. International version FTW!! That's hilarious.
  17. Goddamn ... well, I hope they're renewed for another season because it's such an open ending for them to build upon.
  18. Oh snap, I didn't know that about YouTube TV. I guess the issue never came up for me because the folks I'm tied with are all within NYC.
  19. Maan, I wish Berserk got the same treatment as S1 of One Punch Man or AOT. Can you imagine how good it would be if it had good animators and stuck to the plot? Sigh. If only good ol Mr. Jeff from Amazon was into the series and dumped a fraction of that 500 million he just spent on a boat.
  20. Is that why being away from the boards was bad for me because I was one of the very few who bought into this and now ... owns it? I almost cancelled my pre-order on the kickstarter/ indiegogo/ whatever thing but I didn't remember what account I used to sign up for the initial order. Months later, I received the box. I'm telling ya ... this's gonna help bankroll my kid's college tuition in the future.
  21. Not a fan of the gameplay, gives me a headache because of the constant camera angle switches.
  22. Under-rated as hell. I've watched it at least 4/5 times.
  23. The end made everything worth.
  24. Between the re-shoots and the really bad plot, this was a just a dumpster. Fueled with cash to burn. I was never into the comics but I feel bad for fans of the X-Men comics.
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