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  1. I just watched F-91 and I thought it sucked. Maybe thats just me though. I'm glad you finally got a chance to see the MSG trilogy sledge, I knew you would like it
  2. I'm not sure If I'd like it to be a dream and go back to the way things were or not. ._.
  3. Possibly the greatest song in the history of awsome.
  4. Boogiepop Phantom is also a good mindfucker
  5. Ah anime, my fourteen year obsession started innocently enough. My dad was a guest professor in Japan for a year. When I was four, my mother and I went over to visit him for a month. I was in love the minute I got off the plane. I especially liked the stuff on TV, including anime. I remember watching some of the more adult themed anime and having it all go over my head. The stuff I watched (which has probably never seen the light of day in the US) I don't really remember all that well. I remember there was this one anime where the main character was a chick with blue hair and ran around a lot. I called her "exercise girl." (And no, it wasn't battle athletes) But what I consider to be my first real anime (and manga really) is a children’s show/manga/merchandise-including-a-fried-chicken-burger-in the-shape-of-the-main-characters-head-which-I-loved-more-than anything called Anpan-man. It’s the story of an anpan (jelly filled pastry) imbued with cosmic radiation from the heavens, causing it to become a sentient being. However, the same radiation also brought intelligence to the evil Baikin-man (germ man). Anpan-man fights Baikin-man by giving pieces of his nutritious and delicious pastry head to those infected with germs and viruses (as illustrated bellow). Coincidentally, Anpan-man is one of the longest running and most successful animes, having started in 1968. Read more about it here.
  6. oh man, the clearance sale at of the American MG repacks was beautiful. Kampher for 15, Zaku II and GMs for 8. I didn't get in on it though >_>'
  7. Have you seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam or at least the movies yet? You need to have seen either before watching X and Zeta
  9. I watched it with my mom (who has never read a Steven King book) and we both really liked it. The guy who played Tak was a good choice.
  10. i cant find it in my tivo program guide
  11. Strider wins
  12. 50 points to whoever knows what scene that is
  14. He'll still need a region one player to watch it
  15. I really like the Mobile Suit Gundam movie triology dubs.
  16. Zomg! Hi Prowler.
  17. 12 Grand? You mean twelve hundred right? @_@
  18. I just started the Dark Half, it's so creepy good @_@
  19. Those are probably The Han Solo Trilogy by A.C. Crispin<LI type=square>The Paradise Snare The Hutt Gambit Rebel Dawn I liked em. I've read every post RotJ book, and some of the prequel crap too ' NJO will be fun for you Sledge
  20. I doubt it. Remember she disappeared as soon as Baltar and Caprica-6 made up. Plus, she referenced what she did later on (I think x_x)
  21. I liked Rose Madder and I haven't read Gerald's Game yet... so, no. \
  22. broken links?
  23. I finished Cell a while ago... It wasn't very good :/