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  1. Clowtrigger

    Gundam 00

    No... but, seriously though... I'd like to disagree with the super-robot vibes of the Thrones. Throne Meisters are....
  2. Clowtrigger

    Gundam 00

    Strider, the main problem with this show is that it is built as a 50 ep. series split into two, rather than 2 separate seasons. The buildup is going to take some time...because the story extends into the next season unlike Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny which were very sloppily planned. The answers to the questions you are raising are most likely plot for the next season.... Plus the Director is quite skilled at making these gambles, He's not going to goof off like Fukuda did. And as far as I am concerned, The trinity siblings are not going to be in good terms with the main characters... as evidenced not only by the OP2 video, but also by spoilers of future episodes. Besides, a thing that is good about this show is that it seems to surprise alot of people when people count it out.
  3. How can you try series like Hayate the Combat Butler or Lucky star with dubs? most humor from these series are related to their Seiyuu, Like when Nagi goes Shana... or Maria into Suigintou/Meer, Heck Konata even went Haruhi once in Lucky Star...
  4. There's a prequel though, Try Rozen Maiden Ouverture... It deals with how Shinku and Suigintou started this little feud of theirs...
  5. Stargazer is managed by a different team as opposed to SEED and SEED Destiny, Different Staff Members...
  6. Actually, during Final Plus' beginning we see Athrun hugging Cagalli perhaps for the last time...
  7. Ummm....Meyrin is with Athrun after final plus...
  8. Already Watched It.... It's a good movie and:
  9. I would like to expand the Naruto trend here and I'm inviting everyone to request for a Naruto section of the Anime Forums...
  10. My Anime Crushes:(Ranked) 1.Lacus Clyne Urashima Kanako 2.Lisianthus Kuga Natsuki 3.Sakura Kinomoto (CCS/TRC) 4.Fllay Allster Meyrin Hawke Mei Narusegawa 5.Elpeo Ple Cherry
  11. Clowtrigger


    poor guys... the Naruto OP's have good music in it... especially the one playing episode 70+
  12. Sasuke's brother is one of the coolest characters from Naruto... He has Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu which are abilities of Mangekyou Sharingan
  13. Mangekyou Sharingan>>>>All, Seriously Itachi can wipe out all of Konoha's Jounin using just this
  14. Gundam: 1.Elpeo Ple (Gundam ZZ) 2.Fa Yuiry (Gundam ZZ) 3.Four Murasame (Zeta) 4.Beltorchika(Zeta) 5.Haman(CDA) 6.Lacus Clyne 7.Meer Campbell 8.Meyrin Hawke 9.Lunamaria Hawke 10.Cagalli Yula Attha Shuffle! 1.Kaede n_n 2.Sia 3.Nerine 4.Asa 5.Primula
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