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  1. On an unrelated note. I noticed Funi added the Steins;Gate movie. I'll have to check it out when I get time.
  2. It was only a matter of time before this happened. PS4's software infrastructure is absolute trash compared to Xbox. Sony's games are the only reason they are in the lead. Consoles will probably be full crossplay this coming gen. Sony realized if they got left out, people will choose playing with their friends over the better games so long as there is enough interesting games on the platforms that can play with each other. Console gaming will be like PC gaming... its just the launchers will be consoles with their own exclusive games. We're still a ways off from cloud gaming TBH until internet accessibility becomes a hell of a lot stronger outside of major metropolitan areas. Cloud gaming will take the niche place of digital downloads as digital download only consoles become the norm in place of discs. If PS5 has a digital only version similar to the latest Xbox One models, I'll definitely get it.
  3.  I started Revisions on Netflix. The first episode has awful and janky CGI but it gets a lot better after that. The premise is great, but for fucks sake the main character is so damn annoying. He makes Asta from Black Clover look like a good character. Mecha series have the absolute worst main characters the majority of the time. I just don't get it. Mikazuki Augus, Sousuke Sagara, Lelouch Vi Britannia, and Van of the Dawn are the only ones I can think of that I've ever liked. But here we don't have your typical emotionless husk, or pacifist crybaby... you'd only wish for that once you meet Daisuke Dojima. He's ultra full of himself and a selfish idiot. Holy cow he should be a side character. All his friends aren't that great either as they all bicker with Daisuke's douchness. Why am I even watching this? XD

  4. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/05/13/galactic-heroes-season-2-launches-release-dates-and-key-visuals Season 2! I didn't get Legend of Legendary Hero'ed
  5. Netflix put Code Geass up. Rewatching it reminded me what a badass Cornelia was (ultra best girl), and how savage Euphemia's death was. Damn it was so gut wrenching. It will always be the moment I'll never forget about the series. 

    Also, how I yearn for a return drawn mecha battles. Even the most degraded model quality in motion is so much better than wonky slow CGI. The Lancelot is such an awesome design. 

    1. DeathscytheX


      I also didn't realize how shit Zero was the first time I watched it. He only won his first and last battle... every other one was a complete failure minus Euphy's massacre. Yet the Black Knights kept following him even though he abandoned them multiple times. XD Plus he forgot all about Kallen, the second most bad ass female behind Cornelia, after she was captured. She just escaped by chance. There were several times, several people could have revealed his identity and ruined him... I mean the only one that made sense was Euphy since she loved Lelouch and had to reason to hate him. I guess the story isn't all that great, but I still love it.

      I also like the fact that Netflix deemed the series TV-14 even though Villetta's and Kallen's tits flop out multiple times. XD WTF, I guess it would get through any parental control options.

  6. Eh, we got cheated on this short season of GoT. As cool as the winterfell battle was, the Night King's death felt so meaningless. And now Danny is insane?  C'mon... Yeah shes my favorite character, and I wouldn't have minded a descent into madness, but a flip in 2 eps? It's so forced it's sad. Just because Jon told the fam about his heritage and her friend got cut down. It made for an action packed ep, but it didnt make a lot of sense. The Hound and Mountain rivalry was resolved which is what I'm satisfied with... Mountain looked like bloated Darth Vader. 😂😂

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I had four favorite characters. Two made it all the way to the end... the other two made it to the final two episodes. Not bad. Tyrion, Bronn, Sandor, and Dany. Dany got screwed as a character... like I said, it could have worked with more development. The end of it was there, and sorta the beginning when he burned Sam's father and brother, but the path in between was nonexistent. The Master of Grammar line was the best part of the finale. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      Dany should have been queen and not gone all super tyrannical. 😕 The writing was bad and the ending was so blah compared to the rest of the series. It could have gone alot better. Now my major concern is the two directors. Once there was no more source material this is the best they could come up with? These are the two guys that will be directing the next trilogy of star wars movies. Ugh.

      Btw I saw 2 memes last night.. I should have saved them. Both were of Bronn. One quoted Dany's speech about breaking wheels and there's Bronn in his wheel chair "what was that about wheels?" XD the other showed Bronn sitting in the wheel chair.. "Bronn has been sitting on the throne for the last 8 seasons" or something like that. XD

    4. DeathscytheX


      It definitely got Fullmetal Alchemist'ed

  7. The original topic was an article, which apparently doesn't count as a topic anymore. But that was 2015 when I made it... here we go again.
  8. 13 episodes into The Rising of the Shield Hero, and this show is pretty much taken the crown for this season... or last season depending.. I guess it counts for both as its still going. Unlike most Isekai, the main character is constantly getting screwed and is always at a disadvantage. The pure hatred you feel for all the other characters in this alternate world of douche is amazing. Literally everyone except a small handful of people are assholes. So the main character tends to go Mass Effect Renegade at times. The emotional vitriol this show invokes is outstanding. The animation of the characters and the dub voice actors nail it completely... as someone that it doesn't take much to want a character to die... I REALLY want 90% of the cast dead. XD

  9. Ah the final season was going so good and then the end they tried to pack way to much into the finale and it ended up being as cheese as the street fighter movie at times. I'm not going to complain though, it still had some really awesome moments, it wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't do all the damn posing stances. The good news is they left the doors wide open for the series to continue. If I had to guess they really want to sell it for some money... probably to netflix who already streams the older eps. I really hope this happens and they ignore the last 10 seconds of the finale. There are so many more stories to tell that they didn't close out.
  10. They should have never even made it. Its funny how they're trying to market to kids.... why? Sonic hasn't been relevant for 20 years, and the average kid probably couldn't tell you who Sonic is. No good sonic games are going to come out after this. You should have just appealed to the actually fanbase of Gen X... you know the ones that were kids when Sonic was as big as he ever got. I'm not saying movies like this should be geared solely for adults. They should be balanced like Marvel films, but instead we get them geared more heavily for children. G.I. Joe is a prime example. Literally no one born after 1988 had any connection to GI Joe. But to try to sell toys the movies were cheeseball fests. If they ever get the new He-Man film off the ground they'd be wise not to do the same. They just better never remake this... its perfect how it was.
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