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  1. He is trained to fight yes. Requirement to become King. However he's more of a tactician and in the movie, as stated, it's an alternate universe. Those powers he has there do not exist in the series. Thats about the only thing he uses in the movie to constitute for fighting. About the only thing you see him use in the series is a sword and thats at the end when he **insert spoiler here**. Otherwise he does not fight at all. He sends out others to do it (like Dilandau and the twin cat chicks (whom I still can't remember the names too)).
  2. Watch the series, plenty of Escaflowne action in there. And for the last time people its Folken. Folken doesn't even have a Guymelef in the series. He's a tactician and a scientist not a fighter.
  3. Sledge must be scared easily then. I think they're awesome. Anyways very good movie. Been years since I last saw it however. Might have to go beat down my friend and borrow it from him. That or I could just go buy it.
  4. He wasn't insignificant. He played a pretty major role in the film and the series. You can't expect us to remember the names of every character in a series. Heck I don't even remember the names of the twins that served Folken in the series (they were the twin cat chicks singing in the bar in the movie version). Every character, no matter how small their role in a series, plays a significant role to the plot of a series and or movie. The Lion dude was there for a reason and he played out his reason perfectly and after rewatching the ending last night on AS (kinda stumbled upon it since I didn't know AS was showing it) I again come to the conclusion that the ending fit perfectly.
  5. Dilandau is the freak with white hair who pilots the red Guymelef. Since the movie is different then the series his origins are different. Sledge is hinting at the series origin. Frankly I don't remember the name of the Lion-man. Never payed close enough attention to the movie to catch it (though he has the same name in the series I never caught it there also).
  6. As for Dilandau's origins I had a sneaky suspicion (sp? I know I can't spell) they would go that way but I don't know why. I was still surprised to find out about it though (I'm hardly ever right when it comes to guessing something).
  7. I can tell you all I want but you still won't understand. It's better for you to see the ending to the series then rewatch the movie. Even if the movie is set in an alternate universe (of sorts) it still follows the series pretty well. Form your own opinions, thats what your supposed to do. Remember as much as I tell you something your not gonna buy it. We've seen this happen pertaining to Gundam. Just find a way to see the series and form your own opinion. As I said it was my opinion that the movie ended perfectly though I was still somewhat disappointed in it. Same goes for the series. Sadly for the genre that Escaflowne falls in those endings are about as good as they'll get.
  8. Seriously watch the anime and you'll understand. The ending fits perfectly just like the ending to the series. For its genre, as I said, it ended how it was supposed to. What? You wanted Van to kill Folken. I doubt Van could of seeing as how Folken is the better fighter.
  9. Still no reason to sell it in my opinion. As I said the movie ended perfectly though I must admit I to was a little disappointed with the ending. Also it's Van and Folken.
  10. Thats seriously no reason to sell back a DVD just because it didn't end the way you'd like it too, especially when the movie ended perfectly fine (you would not like the Escaflowne series ending either). Escaflowne is a really good series. In fact one of my top four favorites of all time. Definately a must see for most fans of its genre type. However, I'd suggest not buying the DVDs if you're sure that you won't enjoy the series for what it's worth. Borrow it from a friend and watch it and if you like it then buy it. It's always a waste to buy DVD's and then sell them back.
  11. Heh, though I don't think it was one of my best it still needs some love and I'd hate for it to sit and not be used so I'll throw my Quattro one up here. Send a pm if you wanna use it since it has a matching avatar that you can use also. Also if you've liked any of these: (sorry folks, taken by Godgrave) Feel free to pm me on them. Though they have my s/n I can change that since I have each saved as a .psd. It's also good to pm me since each has a matching avatar to go with them. I hate to see them collect dust so feel free to drop a line stating which one you want to use and what you want changed (note: Quattro one comes as is, I will not change that one).
  12. I know what thats like. I can't watch Nadesico in anything but English for some reason (Yurika's Jap VA annoys me to no end). Same goes for Eva too, I can't watch it subbed for some reason (saw it in English first).
  13. I don't know how you can find FMP!'s dub decent there Sledge. I find it horribly atrocious then again thats because I saw the sub first. That and I can't stand Kaname or Sousuke's English VA's.
  14. I prefer subbed but I watch both. Some animes are better in their dubbed form then their subbed form.
  15. Just watched the first three eps myself last night, still waiting on the release of the 4th from the groups I dling from. Damn greatness I say. Really does make the first one look lik care bears. Fumoffu is basically a side story so it really doesn't tie into the actual series.
  16. Hah, I actually remember those sigs. Heh, now this is old school Toonami for you. Was a big fan back when they showed it on CN. Twas a good show. I should really look into getting it all on DVD but the funds be lacking at the moment (damn them releasing DearS on DVD and then having Planetes vol. 2 come out shortly after that). I'm also with Sledge, Anubis was my favorite also.
  17. Because the code states that doing anything that wouldn't be considered lawful good automatically strips you of your paladin status. But theres always exceptions (like your DM and the f'ed up one I had for the little stunt my party pulled (will not go into it)).
  18. Have the boxset. Great series. I think Gene's pevertedness was quite apparant in the CN version then again thats just me (but boy do they show it off in the DVD's).
  19. Shhhhh, don't tell me anything. I have the first ep dled but haven't watched it yet (been to busy with other things).
  20. I watch it occasionally when I catch it on. Tis a very funny show. I mostly watch it for Eduardo (sp?) since he is by far the coolest of the friends.
  21. X'D how you didn't lose your Paladin status after all that baffles my mind but it's still hilarious. Must have one really understanding DM. Then again I shouldn't say much, couple friends and I have done things that would strip a paladin of his status for life (with no chance of being redeemed, long story short it involved a couple NPC's, myself (the paladin), a barbarian, and a really f'ed up DM).
  22. Have the first two DVD's and fell in love with it instantly (if you look over at the column its listed as one of my fav animes). I just wish they'd release it quicker, god I want to know what happens in ep 8. Damn then ending ep 7 like they did.
  23. Damn I knew I was missing out on something last night but no I had to watch Gundam X again. Ohwell. I must say those eps were some of my favorites (that is the three before last nights). Ohwell they will be on again I'll just have to remember not to watch anything else when Teen Titans is on.
  24. I haven't seen that in ages. Yes I agree, make it a requirement to watch that before anyone can sign up here. Will filter out the riff-raff.
  25. Whoa whoa whoa Clow now your ignorance is showing. Controlling funnels does not make one a newtype. I'm sorry thats not what makes someone a true newtype. Read the definition, learn your UC terminology, for cripes sakes watch MSG and Zeta. Good lord this new age of Gundam Fans has lost their knowledge of the old series. Funnel control is not done by the mind, its done thru the computer (on board the Gundam) reading the throughts and will of the pilot and sending said funnel there to attack. Am I the only one here who looks into the mechanics of the suits and how they're run? Whats this I can have my Char? I'm sorry I liked Gundam X and Garrod is one of the Gundam pilots I respect most. I also liked Turn-A, which I'm still in the middle of watching. Don't write me off as a full out UC fanatic (yes I am one) but I do like some of the AU series also. Geez people.