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  1. Friend of mine has had me hooked on this site for the past month and a half. Found atleast three new artists to listen too and am quite impressed how they match up your favorite artists to others who play similar music.
  2. Nice. Brings back memories of my days as a wee one getting up at 5 in the a.m. to watch Ultraman.
  3. Lacus Clyne is the name I think your looking for on the pink haired girl EVA.
  4. Pfft, it's not only the young ones goku. Bah must we really put these neglected area thru this type of discussion. As much as I hate SEED they're just friends, theres no hints anywhere of a guy/guy relationship between the two.
  5. You have read the rules for those servers I guess right Eli? Its stated in the rules that your names must stick to a defined list, none of those oddball ones you get on PvE servers. Also you are supposed to stick IC when talking unless within guild chat and what not. Sorry does not appeal to me and I've heard things about RP servers that makes me not want to play on one (and no its not that Cyber crap you hear about). Carebare servers are fun for only so long (yes RP and PvE servers are carebare servers). I'll go along with what you guys want if we do this but don't expect me on much if I have nothing but grinding to do. I need the thrill of having someone trying to kill me while I'm doing a quest or while traveling somewhere. Just seems much more fun then walking by horde/alliance in contested territory and waving since flaggin is more work then just right clicking.
  6. I won't touch a RP server. I don't like being stuck within the rules they enforce upon you (like staying in character, sorry I like to bs more then do IC crap. Also the name bs is another thing). I'll go either PvE or PvP but I'm more for PvP. I've played on a PvE server since release and frankly its boring. Grinding quests is not fun, I'd rather have to fear of someone attacking me whenever they can over the dull boredom of PvE. Also the Horde sucks. Don't know why but I have a wierd aversion to the horde. Maybe its that I don't like the quests or the character models. That would go against myself having a lvl 27 Tauren Hunter but I can't stand the horde side.
  7. Hunters, the one class I couldn't play to save my life. Probably because I hate ranged DPS and the pet system (then again why do I have a lock?). Well next question about the server is do we want this on a PvP, PvE, RP, or a PvPRP server? I'm ok with anything as long as its not RP (don't like being placed into RPing). Would really like to play on a PvP server since playing on a PvE gets rather boring. Also what side of the coin we're gonna play on is another good question.
  8. The only hard part would be choosing a server to play on since I'm sure most of us are rooted to our home servers. Sorry to say I would not leave Aggramar for anything, I've got too many great friends there that I've made over the year since the game was released. Then again we could just choose a random server and be casual about it, not like we're leaving our mains behind for good (can't leave Ayari alone, she only has 5 more pieces of Shadowcraft to go to finish the set. That and I'm getting ready to join a raiding guild to do MC and BWL).
  9. Bah your all n00bs if you don't play on Aggramar, seriously the best server there is (j/k). Aggramar has been my home since the game was released, housing my only lvl 60 toon and multiple high lvl alts. Also play on Malygos and Thunderhorn since I have multiple RL friends who play on those servers.
  10. Seen it ages ago, funny as hell though.
  11. X'D That was frickin hilarious. Couldn't stop laughing last night.
  12. From what I've caught of the show its great. Sadly I don't catch it that often. I have been reading the comic for the last three years though in the Sunday paper, great stuff.
  13. Hey now Sledge, no drooling over the cat girls (even if they are extremely hot). Lady might get jealous. Theres a few eps in the series that don't have fights but the best fights in the series don't take place till toward the end (especially those last few bouts with Dilandau and the emergence of Black Escaflowne). Dangit, all this talk is making me want to watch the series again. Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend if Anime Club business doesn't keep me busy.
  14. He is trained to fight yes. Requirement to become King. However he's more of a tactician and in the movie, as stated, it's an alternate universe. Those powers he has there do not exist in the series. Thats about the only thing he uses in the movie to constitute for fighting. About the only thing you see him use in the series is a sword and thats at the end when he **insert spoiler here**. Otherwise he does not fight at all. He sends out others to do it (like Dilandau and the twin cat chicks (whom I still can't remember the names too)).
  15. Watch the series, plenty of Escaflowne action in there. And for the last time people its Folken. Folken doesn't even have a Guymelef in the series. He's a tactician and a scientist not a fighter.
  16. Sledge must be scared easily then. I think they're awesome. Anyways very good movie. Been years since I last saw it however. Might have to go beat down my friend and borrow it from him. That or I could just go buy it.
  17. He wasn't insignificant. He played a pretty major role in the film and the series. You can't expect us to remember the names of every character in a series. Heck I don't even remember the names of the twins that served Folken in the series (they were the twin cat chicks singing in the bar in the movie version). Every character, no matter how small their role in a series, plays a significant role to the plot of a series and or movie. The Lion dude was there for a reason and he played out his reason perfectly and after rewatching the ending last night on AS (kinda stumbled upon it since I didn't know AS was showing it) I again come to the conclusion that the ending fit perfectly.
  18. Dilandau is the freak with white hair who pilots the red Guymelef. Since the movie is different then the series his origins are different. Sledge is hinting at the series origin. Frankly I don't remember the name of the Lion-man. Never payed close enough attention to the movie to catch it (though he has the same name in the series I never caught it there also).
  19. As for Dilandau's origins I had a sneaky suspicion (sp? I know I can't spell) they would go that way but I don't know why. I was still surprised to find out about it though (I'm hardly ever right when it comes to guessing something).
  20. I can tell you all I want but you still won't understand. It's better for you to see the ending to the series then rewatch the movie. Even if the movie is set in an alternate universe (of sorts) it still follows the series pretty well. Form your own opinions, thats what your supposed to do. Remember as much as I tell you something your not gonna buy it. We've seen this happen pertaining to Gundam. Just find a way to see the series and form your own opinion. As I said it was my opinion that the movie ended perfectly though I was still somewhat disappointed in it. Same goes for the series. Sadly for the genre that Escaflowne falls in those endings are about as good as they'll get.
  21. Seriously watch the anime and you'll understand. The ending fits perfectly just like the ending to the series. For its genre, as I said, it ended how it was supposed to. What? You wanted Van to kill Folken. I doubt Van could of seeing as how Folken is the better fighter.
  22. Still no reason to sell it in my opinion. As I said the movie ended perfectly though I must admit I to was a little disappointed with the ending. Also it's Van and Folken.
  23. Thats seriously no reason to sell back a DVD just because it didn't end the way you'd like it too, especially when the movie ended perfectly fine (you would not like the Escaflowne series ending either). Escaflowne is a really good series. In fact one of my top four favorites of all time. Definately a must see for most fans of its genre type. However, I'd suggest not buying the DVDs if you're sure that you won't enjoy the series for what it's worth. Borrow it from a friend and watch it and if you like it then buy it. It's always a waste to buy DVD's and then sell them back.
  24. Heh, though I don't think it was one of my best it still needs some love and I'd hate for it to sit and not be used so I'll throw my Quattro one up here. Send a pm if you wanna use it since it has a matching avatar that you can use also. Also if you've liked any of these: (sorry folks, taken by Godgrave) Feel free to pm me on them. Though they have my s/n I can change that since I have each saved as a .psd. It's also good to pm me since each has a matching avatar to go with them. I hate to see them collect dust so feel free to drop a line stating which one you want to use and what you want changed (note: Quattro one comes as is, I will not change that one).
  25. I know what thats like. I can't watch Nadesico in anything but English for some reason (Yurika's Jap VA annoys me to no end). Same goes for Eva too, I can't watch it subbed for some reason (saw it in English first).