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  1. Riina

    Spider Man 3

    GRX and I went to see the premiere last night. I made up a new Spiderman song to go along with the emoness. Emo boy, emo boy, He's a sad little emo boy. Sheds a tear any size, Slits his wrists and hopes he dies. Look out! Here comes the emo boy. X'D Yeah...I thought up that clever little number during the film . I did really enjoy it, though. I can't decide whether I like 2 or 3 better. I really like Doc Oc so it's a tough one for me. But yeah, Spiderman 3 was worth seeing for sure. I found they combined action and emotion really well. They could only do so much with the 'complex' plot. Hope everyone who saw it/is going to see it enjoys it!!
  2. GRX gained access to this video THANKS TO ME! Take that, noob eater! Nyah!
  3. Not gonna lie...when I was younger, I had a wicked crush on Ken from Digimon... Not exactly anime, but...Link!! Naturally, Cloud and Seph are two of my favourites <3 Yuki Eiri from Gravitation...despite the fact that he's...y'know...gay. Sasuke! Yum. Inu!! And Vash. A little. Hehe. I also quite like Rei from the manga Mars. Anyone read that? It's my favourite.
  4. Riina


    Haha. Yes and no...I like communism, but only as an idea. GRX you can't eat meh!! >__< Then you will have no girlfriend, oh noes...!
  5. Riina


    Or in English: Nice to meet you! I'm Riina (or Erin), and I am Gundam-Ranger-X's girlfriend. Originally I came to the forums to snoop around the topic he started about me But this seems like a great community, and I look forward to meeting you all! Let's see...I'm not the greatest at this introduction thing. One thing I will tell you, though, is that I love to meet new people and make friends! I'm really easy going and I love to talk. I'm a 'gamer' and I love and adore anime and manga. Actually, I love all things Japanese! Anyway, the best way to learn more about me is to ask questions and get to know me! I hope to get to know many of you!
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